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Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific

DW&P 78826 Note the old style initials that include periods.

DW&P 76938 brings up the rear in real style! Bi-Centennial 1776-1976 celebration.

Grand Trunk Western
Grand Trunk (US Lines)

GTW 77137 and Canadian Service C&O 608 both preserved at the Bayview Museum in Point Edward (Sarnia)
GTW 77137 nee Chicago & Grand Trunk 90724 built 2/1891. It travelled a lot of miles during its years like all vans
but in its retirement it also travelled quite a bit. When the rolling stock collection was disposed of it first went
(under private ownership) to the Smiths Falls Railway Museum, a division of the CRHA,
then relocated to the Harbourfront Railway Museum, Toronto & York Division of CRHA.
Once more it was relocated (no longer under private ownership) to Elgin County Railway Museum in St.Thomas.

C&O 608 also went to Toronto and sadly was scrapped when the T&Y Division walked away from the collection.

GTW 77137 ECRM St. Thomas, ON June 6, 2009

GTW 77900 Paul Mc Grane Collection

GT 77971 an unusal center cupola wooden caboose. Normally a modern era style. Built 7/1927

GT 78226 far from home.



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