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CNR Rolling Stock


Bulletin regarding equipment new cabooses79200-79349 issued 1967.

78755 transfer van (no cupola) with NW2 7945.

CN 76033 Lindsay July 29, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

CN 76473 Centreville, BC 8/25/1938 Paul B. Dunn/Bud Laws Collection

CN 77832 Rouses Point Jct. N.Y. Christmas Eve 1940 Bud Laws Collection

Check out the track number on the switch!

CN 79157 steel underframe wooden van. Turcot Yard (Montreal) November 10,1957 Bob Krone

78547 with AEI plate to identify it by a trackside reader. A system later discontinued.

CN 76641 the latest in cabooses in the 1980's was this transfer van. MacMillan Yard. (Toronto) Jim Parker


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