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Grand Trunk Railway of Canada

255 Cyl. 16" x 24" Drv. 66" Portland Locomotive Works 141 8/1867
Note clerestory cab roof!

GT 287 with an elephant atop the headlight. It is said many Jumbo engines (likely 4-4-0's assigned locally) had this carving.
Workers and officials are all gathered for their photograph for this unknown occasion and date. Note the child and dog!
This commemorates Jumbo the elephant killed September 15, 1885 in St.Thomas by GTR 88 on train number 151.
Jim Parker Collection

GTR 209 Trevithick 4-4-0 Cyl. 16" x 20" Drv. 60" GTR 1000 5/1859 CN Photo Archives
Named for the locomotive superintendent. Thought to be the man in light coloured clothing with hand on running board.

Note: This was the first locomotive built in the company's own works, Point St.Charles, Quebec.

GTR 340 backing up past the roundhouse in St.Thomas.


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