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Canadian National Railways

4-6-4F tank engines 45-50

Cyl. 21" x 26" Drv. 63" Press.210 lbs. t.e. 32% Total weight in working order 138 tons. Coal 5 tons, water 2900 gals.

Commonly called tank engines, these were actually a Forney design with the front truck equalized with the drivers, built to run as fast in reverse as forward to work in suburban service without the need to turn the engine in the opposite direction. Additionally, the firebox and brick arch were designed for the maximum efficiency to reduce smoke in the urban area. Rapid acceleration was a key feature of these steam locomotives.

45 (GTR 1540) Montreal 9/05/1954 Anthony H. Perles MLW 54894 1914

47 in a Montreal winter scene. Note the twin water towers behind cab.
3/23/1933 William Gibson/Bud Laws Collection

47 photographed on my 10th birthday! September 1, 1951 Howard Davis Bud Laws Collection

Curious engineer?

47 posed "rods-down" back when it was just another engine.Montreal 9/1951 Bud Laws Collection

Inside roundhouse. 9/1951 Bud Laws Collection

Dead engine likely xomwhere in USA after sold 10/1969 to F. Nelson Blount. Bud Laws Collection

49 (ex GTR 1544) Montreal 9/05/1954 Anthony H. Perles MLW #54898 1914

49 one of only six such Forney type tank engines especially built for GTR's Montreal suburban (commuter) service.
Montreal 3/29/1958 Joseph Testagrose collection

Two views of 49 with suburban train at Central Station, Montreal. July 3, 1954 John Dziobko

49 being lifted in the Pointe St. Charles erecting shop. The last steam locomotive outshopped August 23, 1957.
Canadian National Railways

Preserved indoors at Exporail. August 2003 Pierre Lacombe

50 Bud Laws Collection 9/1951


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