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Canadian National Railways

K-5-a 4-6-4 Hudson 5700-5704

Only five of these Hudsons were owned by the CNR unlike the competition (CPR) which had 65, the second largest fleet in North America after the New York Central. Built especially for the very competitive Montreal-Toronto passenger service these engines performed well with short trains however, when traffic grew beyond nine cars they could not handle the fast schedule required. They were replaced by Northern 4-8-4's and re-assigned to Toronto-London-Sarnia/Windsor service.

Cylinders 23" x 28" Drivers 80" Boiler pressure 275 lbs. 43,000 tractive effort (53,300 with booster)
Equipped with Baker valve gear, popular on CNR. 14,000 gallon (18 ton) tender was the largest on the CNR system.
Locomotives (engine and tender) weighed 330 tons in working order.
Montreal Locomotive Works 9-10/1930

5700 working a lot of headend traffic (including Toronto Star newspapers) at the new James Street station
en route to Niagara Falls. Hamilton Circa 1931 Joseph Testagrose Collection

5700 at Sunnyside (Toronto) with train from Niagara Falls. June 1932 H.Egerton Strothard
Andy Mc.Culluch Collection/Walter Pfefferle Collection

5700 with stack mounted smoke deflector which it had from 6/1933 until 10/1940
when replaced with the more common wing smoke lifters, often referred to as elephant ears.

5700 note boxpok drivers applied 1939 only on this engine. Spadina Bud Laws Collection

Judging by the dirty look of 5700 it is just in off a run in Toronto. April 1952. No cap stack. MLW #68394 9/1930
Joseph Testagrose Collection

Extra 5700 East running light. Sunnyside, Toronto 10/18/1958 Bill Price/Joseph Testagrose Collection

5700 westbound at Sunnyside with a short train bound for London.
The recently (1958) completed Gardiner Expressway starting at the Queen Elizabeth Way at the
Humber River east to Jameson Avenue destroyed Sunnyside Amusement Park dating from 1925.
Shortly afterwards diesels would "destroy" 5700 and all other steam locomotive operations.

5701 equipped with smoke deflectors. Departing Montreal 8/03/1942 W.Griffin/Joseph Testagrose Collection

5701 in 1956. Clayton Morgan/Doug Hately Collection

5701 (5700-5702) with outside journal bearing engine trucks. Bud Laws Collection

5702 Note pilot truck apparently off 5704. Note: 5703-04 built with inside-frame roller bearing trucks.
Bud Laws Collection

5702 cap stacks were applied 1950. Spadina April 6, 1959 R.M.Gladulich/Bud Laws Collection

5702 with short train Number 82 from London eastbound at Aldershot, Ont. 3/20/1959 W.H.Coo/Bud Laws Collection

Pool No.14 engine 5702 about to leave Toronto Union for Montreal. c.1943 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5702 with smoke deflectors. Spadina August 4, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5703 MLW 68540 10/1930 Bud Laws Collection

5703 masquerading as 5700 a number applied after retirement
Originally displayed at NMS&T in Ottawa.
Now at ECRM in St. Thomas.

5704 at Spadina during World War II June 16, 1940
Pte.H.R.Wales 48th. Highlanders of Canada/Bud Laws Collection.

5704 (Note man on top of tender tank) Spadina Bud Laws Collection

5704 complete with elephant ears (smoke deflectors). CN/Bud Laws Collection

These two views of a spotless 5704 are proof that these Hudsons were the finest looking steam locomotives in Canada.



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