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Canadian National Railways

Mountain type 4-8-2

Brand new! May 1930 Cameron Blaikie

U-1-a 6000 looking brand new. One of 16 engines built new in 1923 by CLC for CNR.
Cyl. 26" x 30" Drv. 73" Press. 210 t.e. 50% Bud Laws Collection
Tender 4000 gals. oil increased to 5000 gals. Coal fired 19 tons and 10,000 gals. water

U-1-a 6003 with smoke deflectors. Niagara Falls, NY September 1939. Bud Laws Collection

6003 coal-fired. Truro, Nova Scotia 10/26/1952 Bud Laws Collection

6004 stopped to handle headend traffic at Oshawa. Bud Laws Collection

6004 oil-fired and with horizontal bars pilot. Vancouver August 1951 Bud Laws Collection

Bud Laws Collection

6005 oil-fired and with horizontal pilot. Vancouver September 1952 Bud Laws Collection

6007 coal-fired and with smoke deflectors. September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

6009 oil-fired with horizontal pilot bars. Note the one-of-a-kind smoke lifter behind stack. Different versions of this style of smoke deflector were a Western Region preference over the Central and Atlantic Regions elephant ears.
Applied soon after 5/1950 and remained until 1952. Vancouver 1951 Bud Laws Collection

6010 getting greased. during a stop (due 8.55 - 9.10 AM) of Ocean Limited from Halifax to Montreal in the morning.
Note Scotia Hotel in background. Truro, Nova Scotia 1944 Bud Laws Collection

6010 oil-fired. Winnipeg June 1946 Bud Laws Collection

6011 oil-fired. This broadside shows off the huge tender. Note round emblem. Bud Laws Collection

Here is another view of 6011, coal-fired with smoke deflectors. Truro, NS December 7, 1947
Al Paterson/ Bud Laws Collection

6013 oil-fired. Vancouver July 1956 Bud Laws Collection

6014 on shop track. Most likely Spadina.

6015 brought here from CRM in Delson in trade for 6060 previously displayed here and returned to service by CNR.
Joseph Testagrose Collection

6015 on display at Jasper, Alberta. 8/19/2011 Larry De Bert

U-1-b 6016-6036 (21) CLC 1924

U-1-b 6016 coal-fired. Saskatoon July 1948 Bud Laws Collection
Cyl. 26" x 30" Drv. 73" Press. 210 lbs. t.e. 50% CLC #1744 6/1924

6016 waiting for signal at Turcot West running light to Turcot. November 10/1957 Bob Krone

6017 at unknown location and date. What is going on here? Excursion? Note other engines behind.
Bud Laws Collection

6020 Turcot Montreal 1949 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6023 taking water at Spadina. 9/1/1940 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

6026 Portland, Maine 1936 Note odd location on emblem on tender. Bud Laws Collection

6027 with smoke deflectors a.k.a. elephant ears. Montreal 4/1944 Gene Connell

6027 westbound at Bathurst Street.

6028 entering Toronto with Royal train. June 1939 Bud Laws Collection

6029 posed "rods down" No date or location but looking brand new! CNR/Bud Laws Collection
Built at Kingston. Note markers. Did it run light to Montreal?

6030 with smoke deflectors. Unknown location. Bud Laws Collection

6031 in Quebec City 9/20/1954 C.W.Jernstrom/Bud Laws Collection

6034 CLC 1767 10/1924 Stratford 6/11/1958 H.L.Goldsmith

6036 last U-1-b Location unknown Bud Laws Collection

U-1-c 6037-6041 (5) Baldwin 1925

6041 without smoke deflector. Detroit 1938

6041 with unusual cowl smoke deflector and Vanderbilt tender. Unknown location 1930's. Bud Laws Collection


U-1-d 6042-6046 (5) CLC 1929

6042 with experimental smoke deflector and feedwater heater. Winnipeg 1933

6043 preserved in Assiniboine Park Winnipeg. 5/25/2018

6043 without Feedwater Heater. Vancouver 9/14/1952 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

U-1-c 6043 brand new! CLC 1854 9/1929
Bud Laws Collection

6046 just arrived at unknown location. Bud Laws Collection

6046 coal-fired. Bud Laws Collection

6046 oil-fired Winnipeg 10/1957 Harold K. Vollrath/Bud Laws Collection

U-1-e 6047-6058 (12) MLW 1930

6047 at Spadina roundhouse in downtown Toronto. 1932 Dick George

6047 with wide white side band. Saskatoon 9/14/1936 Doug Cummings

6047 here without "beetle brow" feedwater heater. Bud Laws Collection

6047 again, this time with decorative side panel and number applied for Royal Tour train which had been here exactly
two months earlier. Note too the unique smoke deflector by stack. Eastbound at Rivers, Manitoba. August 4, 1939.
Bud Laws Collection


6047 Royal train engine.1939 James Adams/Bud Laws Collection

6048 Winnipeg October 10, 1957 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6049 with a full tender of coal! Brandon 5/21/1955 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

6050 with smoke deflectors. November 19, 1936 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dick George/Paterson-George collection.

6055 being sanded up. Winnipeg 8/26/1959 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

6055 Saskatoon 7/1948 Harold K. Vollrath/Bud Laws Collection

6056 No.1 Continental Brandon, Manitoba. Bud Laws Collection

6057 in lots of snow! Jasper, Alberta January 1942 Bud Laws Collection

6058 in better weather at Jasper. November 1942 Bud Laws Collection

U-1-f 6060-6079 (20) MLW 1944
Cyl. 24" x 30" Drv. 73" Press. 260lbs. t.e. 52%

Newer version of the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement came with some streamlining including a nose cone that gave these engines their nickname "Bullet nose Betty". Cap stack and Vanderbilt tender added to their pleasing appearance second only to the 5700 Hudsons.

6060 looking its best. Canadian National Railways/Bud Laws Collection

6061 with bullet nose. CNR/Bud Laws Collection

6061 without Bullet nose in Winnipeg September 1958 Bud Laws Collection

6062 in Winnipeg. September 1958 Bud Laws Collection

6064 with flat-sided tender off T-4-b (2-10-2) 4327 received when transferred to Western Region and converted to oil
same as 6077 and 6079. Also lost "bullet nose" at this time. Saskatoon August 27, 1959 Bud Laws Collection

6065 Winnipeg July 19, 1957 Bud Laws Collection

6065 at Oshawa 1945 Elwin K. Heath/Bud Laws Collection
Would it be that all photographs were captioned so well!

6066 Saskatoon May 1957 Bud Laws Collection

6067 Montreal 9/7/1947 MaxMiller/Bud Laws Collection

U-1-f 6069 MLW #72766 11/44 Niagara Falls April 2,1958 Bud Laws

Note: This engine is displayed in Sarnia. Sister 6060 became famous in steam excursion service and remains in limited use.

That photo of CN 6070 is definitely at Paris on the CN Dundas Sub. The tower of the station is visible to the right of the loco, and the curved platform and superelevation other locators. Likewise the buildings behind the loco including what is now Wm. Kipp's funeral home. Steve Lucas. Photo Bud Laws Collection

The train is on the north track heading west about 1/2 mile east of the present day Paris Jct.
The station was gone before my time but it was a beauty. I was an engineer with CN and Via for 36 Years. Andy Martin

Interesting detail in this photograph of slightly blurred engine westbound approaching Bathurst Street (Front Street West in background) caused not by its speed which would be quite slow but rather by the very low film speed (ASA 10) of colour film back then. Switchtenders shack with coal/coke bin, low mounted loudspeaker(atop white post) used by towerman to communicate with switchtenders. Low switch stands and a higher one.

6077 Number 94 The Maple Leaf from Niagara Falls to Toronto at Oakville due to stop 8.21 A.M.
Saturday, March 23, 1957 Bud Laws Collection

6077 with oil tender off T-4-B 2-10-2 4328 (applied 9/1958). Saskatoon 9/5/1959.

Here she is again. One of three Bullet Nose Betty engines still in existance including 6069 and the famous 6060.
After received at Capreol it got Vanderbilt water tender 80101 off Northern 6138.

Here she is now! NORM (Northern Ontario Railway Museum) Capreol 4/26/2016
Photographer was riding VIA's No. 1 Canadian at the time.
Note: That strange looking "thing" at far right is a hot ladle car.


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