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Canadian National Railways

1939 Royal Train

Map of route

Note the unusual smoke deflector around stack!

6047 Royal train engine.1939 James Adams/Bud Laws Collection

6047 again, this time with decorative side panel and number applied for Royal Tour train which had been here exactly
two months earlier. Note too the unique smoke deflector by stack. Eastbound at Rivers, Manitoba. August 4, 1939.
Bud Laws Collection


Digitally restored: Gordon Kennedy

6400 all ready for the 1939 Royal Train. That man is obviously a CNR official. Montreal
Elwin K. Heath/Bud Laws Collection

6400 with Royal Train 1939 tour. May 21, 1939 Brockville.

6401 on Pilot train being serviced and getting crew change. Note the numbered arm band on every authorized person.

6400 with actual Royal Train also being serviced at Brockville.

Fresh off the 1939 Royal Tour on display at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City.
C.C.Grayson/Bud Laws Collection

Everyone authorized to be involved with the Royal visit had to wear a cloth armband as part of the security.
Old TimeTrains Musuem


Two views of Brockville station decorated for 1939 Royal visit.


6028 one of the lesser known Royal Train CNR locomotives.

6028 entering Toronto with Royal train. June 1939 Bud Laws Collection

6400 Preserved



Canada Science and Technology Museum
Formerly: National Museum of Science and Technology a.k.a "Science & Tech"
Ottawa, Ontario


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