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CP Rail

Hump Controller/Hump Control Cab

1150 converted 10/2012 (ex 1214/8102 SW1200RS GMD A1482 6/1958)
a non-powered control car outfitted with usual flashing lights that signify an un-manned cab.
Note the relocated horns, moved off the cab roof by Collective Agreement with
the B of LE, to reduce noise for the engineer! Toronto Yard July 9, 2000 L.B. Chapman

Control Car 1151 (ex 1204/7400 SW9 GMD A489 1/1953)
with 5481 and SOO 789 Toronto Yard July 9, 2000 L.B.Chapman

When 7400's were rebuilt into 1200's they received 8100-style numberboards.
Note the winter cab bay window still applied, in summer and without an engineer!

Strange looking, one-of-a-kind Control Car 1152 rebuilt December 2000 from a long-stored
fuel tender, SOO 4003 rebuilt from Milwaukee GP9 946. Toronto Yard July 9, 2000 L.B.Chapman

Remote Control Cars for Beltpack operation.

1153-1160 (8) all converted from SW1200RS retired units.

Remote control car 1159 for beltpack operation with 6623_6622 hump set.
Toronto Yard June 10, 2010 Bill Sanderson

1159 ex 8167 converted 1/2004 GMD A1893 9/1960



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