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Old Time Trains

Canadian Pacific Railway

E8 EMD 1800's 2250 HP

E8A 1800 backs down to its train in Windsor Station. Sunday, July 4,1954 John Dziobko
This view shows old paint scheme. Note the steam generator behind open door.
Only three of these units were built by EMD for CPR-B&M Pool service.
They were the only Canadian E units.

1800 on its train The Alouette bound for Boston departing at 7:45 a.m. Sunday, July 4,1954 John Dziobko

NOTE: When 1800 was delivered by EMD to the CPR N.R.Crump was presented with a gold plated reverser handle.
Crump was senior vice president at the time however, dieselization was his key interest.


1800 enroute to Quebec City passes a clear order board in this winter scene in March of 1972.
Ron Visockis Collection

1801 original paint scheme. Westmount, Quebec L.B.Chapman Collection


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