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Introduced June 17, 1968. Discontinued September 1987.

Display train to show off the new CP Rail Multimark paint scheme. Above: The train has been split for this publicity photograph at Yoho and the Spiral Tunnels. Units are 4242 and 4239 hauling CP 81030 green plug door newsprint box car, 286138 silver mechanical refrigerator car, 56767 red 40 foot box car, 382632 black covered hopper car, 165140 yellow plug door insulated box car, 202199 red double door box car, 342826 red mill gondola, 438850 yellow caboose. Both photos: Canadian Pacific


4239 First unit painted in new Multimark scheme. It and 4242 hauled a display train across the System.
Note the brass bell! MLW M3436-07 1/1966
Montreal 3/22/1970 Roger Puta/Marty Bernard Collection

4239 was the first unit to be painted in the new CP Rail Multimark Action Red scheme at Angus Shops to begin a
multi-week photo publicity tour across Canada.

CP 4239, along with a second sister unit 4242 rushed through the paint shop, along with a select group of freight cars were displayed and photographed in various pre-selected locations including Montreal's Windsor Station, the Laurentians, the north shore of Lake Superior and most famously at the Spiral Tunnels in B.C.. The results were used in brochures etc., displaying CP Rail's new image. Several photo scenes ended up being enlarged to 20 x 24 or 24 x 30, then framed at the Company's internal Display Studio and hung in its offices around the world. The spit and polish disappeared as did her fame in later years as she became just another locomotive. Sadly 4239 was scrapped in 1998. Steve Morris



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