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Canadian Pacific Railway

Alco RS-2

Five units (8400-8404) bought in USA for service on the International of Maine.
They were built without M.U. but, with Steam Generators.

Extra 8400 North, Newport Sub. Richford, VT March 11, 1968 George Melville
Alco 77190 8/1949

8403 in Block lettering. Lyndonville, VT October 1961

8404 Alco RS-2 (77194 9/1949) last ofeastbound on a local job, Tarratine, Maine. July 1971 Jim Wright

Note: This unit hauled the first passenger train into Windsor Station in Montreal on September 13, 1949. It was 213 from Newport Vermont. Here it is in CP Rail Action Red 10 years later. They all lasted 34 years before being retired!


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