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One-of-a-kind 8921 (RSD-17 2400 hp MLW #81603 5/1957) shows off its "wrong way" visibility stripes compared to
units behind including another one-of-a-kind 4711 M-636 Caterpillar diesel. St.Luc. December 6, 1994 L.B.Chapman

When asked why the stripes were painted wrong, a shop foreman said it was just to drive railfans nuts!

One other unit 8763 got painted this way.

Here 8921 leads three "Rockets" 8032, 8030 and 8035 plus 4238. St.Luc 5/19/1992 L.B.Chapman

Here she is again with yet another one-of-a-kind unit 4744 M-640 4000 hp 20-251 MLW M6032-01 3/1971
The Hochelaga Transfer was a common job to use uncommon units on. St.Luc 4/15/1990 L.B.Chapman

NOTE: For a look at 8921 before getting a chop nose and with correct stripes.



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