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8716 8715 with Speno rail grinding train. Golden, BC July 19,1973

8715 and 8716 H16-44 1600 hp 75 mph. CLC #2975-6 4/1957 were equipped with slow speed control to operate Speno rail grinding train. Assigned to Nelson, BC for maintenance they would move anywhere on the system the Speno train worked. Typically one unit works the Speno train while the other unit was kept working locally as a protect for the unit actually working on the Speno train on account of the slow speed control not on other road units.

Two views, coming and going near Yahk, BC eastbound from Nelson to Cranbrook territory frequented by Fairbanks-Morse powered diesels 8720-8607-8721 all H16-44 1600 hp road switchers built by Canadian Locomotive Company.
August 2, 1974 Keith Hansen


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