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Canadian Pacific Railway

Alco/MLW FA and FB units


4008-4404 brand new 1500 HP FA-1 MLW 77303 6/1950 and FB-1 77325 6/1950
(first Canadian built units of an order for 20 A units (4008-4027) and 20 B units (4404-4423)
at Montreal Locomotive Works. Note multi-gauge tracks and new steam locomotive for India.
June 16, 1950 Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

Block lettering moved lower compared to earlier ALCO units. Note too the larger, more angled illuminated number boards on nose of unit and lack of one on cab roof, larger size beaver emblem on nose. All F1's were upgraded from 1500 to 1600 hp.

4018 MLW FA-1 #77313 8/1950

4022_4409 Lambton shop track.


Sales Order 4401 10 A units (4042-4051) FA-2 1600 hp MLW 77717 8/1951


4049 Script style lettering came along next. Note too the larger size of beaver emblem more evident in this photo.
MLW FA-2 1600 hp #77719 8/1951

FA-2 4085 one of ten freight units (4084-4093) MLW 77276 6/1953
This unit would later become 1100 the first air repeater car.
Sitting on the shop track at Toronto Yard.

FPA-2 4097 (MLW 79173 11/1953) one of five passenger untis (4094-4098) also
built the same year as 4085 above along with 2 passenger and 6 freight B units.
Downgraded from the days when it worked out of John Street hauling
The Canadian to/from Sudbury. Five years away from its retirement.



4400 first CPR FB-1 Alco 76878 5/1949 St.Johnsbury, Vermont 8/29/1964 L.B.Chapman Collection

4406 matching B units included FB-1 MLW #77327 6/1950

4097_4463 in Block lettering at unknown location and date. MLW 77730 8/1953

4464 one of only two FPB-2 units (equipped with OK-4740 S.G.) MLW 77731 8/1953
Toronto Yard June 27, 1968

Last FB-2 4470 (MLW 79163 9/1953) trails 8581 at Smiths Falls. 8/1971 L.B.Chapman Collection


NOTE: 4090 and 4469 were part of CP Bygones collection.
Presently preserved at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, Cranbrook, BC.


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