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Canadian Pacific Railway

GMD GP9 modified

Earliest modified units were three GP9's 8633_8634_8635
given a chop nose to aid engineer's visibility working Alyth hump.
Equipped with hump remote control equipment c.12/1970.
Note: Each unit had a different paint scheme!

8633 outshopped Ogden 3/1971. 8900 Train Master is a brake slug.

8634 with script lettering. One of three GP9's (8633-8635)
modified 5/1971 with chop nose and hump remote control equipment.
GMD A973 10/1956 Alyth 4/01/1971 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

8635 when it was just another GP9. Note the beautiful sky in the background.
Revelstoke 2/1964 Keith Ardinger Collection

8635 now with its short nose chopped and Block lettering. Two days out of Ogden.
12/05/1970 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

8635 with its nose chopped and Block lettering. Calgary 9/1971 Keith Ardinger Collection

8635 one of three GP9's (8633-8635) (Trailing unit 8904 Train Master)
GMD A975 11/1956 Alyth Yard July 31, 1974 Keith Hansen

A predecessor modification and upgrade of five units prior to development of the Ten Year Locomotive Program.
These units were later renumbered in new series 8200-8204 ex 8615, 8619, 8518, 8530, 8492.

All photographs L.B.Chapman unless otherwise credited.

8492 in original condition with barrel headlight and block lettering. GMD A690 10/1954 Alyth 5/12/1973

8492 rebuilt with sharp pointed chop nose, new style classification lights and high bell mount. Full size Multimark.
Outshopped Ogden 5/24/1978 following wreck damage. Not upgraded. Rebuilt as 8204 (see below).
No. 83 from Smiths Falls arriving Walkley yard Ottawa. 11/16/1979

8204 (2nd) ex 8492 rebuilt Ogden 5/1984. It has pointed chop nose. Small Multimark
Note: The first 8204 was a GP35 renumbered 5004.

8518 in original appearance with steam generator, barrel headlight and block lettering. GMD A716 12/1954

Freshly outshopped in CP Rail small Multimark paint scheme. Still with steam generator.

8518 now with chop nose and no long equipped with SG. Outshopped 7/1978.

8202 (ex 8518) Few photographs are known to exist of this unit as 8202 since it was wrecked only one month after overhaul at Angus. #471-15 hit a washout at Moor Lake Mileage 10.7 North Bay Sub. 5/16/1983 it was destroyed when the trailing units fell on top of it, the lead unit. St.Luc 4/20/1983 just 5 days out of Angus 4/15/1983.

8530 rebuilt and upgraded Ogden 3/1975. It has sharp pointed chop nose. Small Multimark.
GMD A773 5/1955 Two views St.Luc 4/021975 Renumbered 8203 outshopped 12/1983.

Rear view showing extended sand box. Black and white stripes blend with small Multimark.

8615 original paint style with block lettering. Twin sealed beam headlight. GMD A955 7/1956 Alyth 12/29/1970

8615 upgraded Angus 10/29/1977 following fire damage. Enlarged sandbox at rear. Small Multimark St.Luc 11/08/1977
Renumbered 8200 9/1981.

8619 original appearance. GMD A959 8/1956 Alyth 12/29/1970

8619 upgraded 9/1977 Angus following fire damage. Enlarged sandbox at rear. Small Multimark St.Luc 9/24/1977
9/1982 renumbered 8201.

Enlarged sand capacity for hump engines due to frequent usage.


1512 (ex 8510) has a one-only full-height extended rear for enlarged sand capacity.
Note the single flat illuminated number board and horizontal twin headlights.
Black and white stripes blend with small Multimark.

1513 (and 1514, 1515, 1691) all received this slightly shorter version extended rear sand box.
This modification retained the traditional pair of slanted illuminated number boards
and vertical twin headlgihts.

1515 now has red and white stripes. Multimark no longer in use.

1691 in new paint scheme with return of Canadian Pacific Railway name. No stripes on rear but with CP initials.
White reflective dashes replace smaller dot style safety marks to improve level crossing visibility.
Note blanked off classification/marker lights no longer required by rule book.



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