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Canadian Pacific Railway

GMD GP9 modified

A predecessor modification and upgrade of five units prior to development of the Ten Year Locomotive Program.
These units were later renumbered in new series 8200-8204 ex 8615, 8619, 8518, 8530, 8492.

All photographs L.B.Chapman unless otherwise credited.

8492 in original condition with barrel headlight and block lettering. GMD A690 10/1954 Alyth 5/12/1973

8492 rebuilt with chop nose, new style classification lights and high bell mount. Full size Multimark.
Outshopped Ogden 5/24/1978 following wreck damage. Not upgraded.
No. 83 from Smiths Falls arriving Walkley yard Ottawa. 11/16/1979

8204 (2nd) ex 8492 rebuilt 5/1984 The first 8204 was a GP35 renumbered 5004.

8518 in original appearance with steam generator, barrel headlight and block lettering. GMD A716 12/1954

8202 (ex 8518) Few photographs are known to exist of this unit as 8202 since it was wrecked only one month after overhaul at Angus. #471-15 hit a washout at Moor Lake Mileage 10.7 North Bay Sub. 5/16/1983 it was destroyed when the trailing units fell on top of it, the lead unit. St.Luc 4/20/1983 just 5 days out of Angus 4/15/1983.

8530 rebuilt and upgraded Ogden 3/1975. Small Multimark. GMD A773 5/1955 Two views St.Luc 4/021975

Rear view showing extended sand box.

8615 original paint style with block lettering. Twin sealed beam headlight. GMD A955 7/1956 Alyth 12/29/1970

8615 upgraded Angus 10/29/1977 following fire damage. Enlarged sandbox at rear. Small Multimark St.Luc 11/08/1977

8619 original appearance. GMD A959 8/1956 Alyth 12/29/1970

8619 upgraded 9/1977 Angus following fire damage. Enlarged sandbox at rear. Small Multimark St.Luc 9/24/1977


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