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Canadian Pacific Railway


Roster: 33 RS-10 and 33 RS-10s 1600 hp 244 75 mph steam generator dual service units.

RS-10 8481 (MLW #81070 4/55) with Montreal bound morning train at Beaconsfield. Quebec
c. 7/1962 Don Driscoll

Note the 305x Baggage-Buffet-Coach unusual for suburban trains. Around this time there was some experimenting with providing various services to commuters including a bar car which may be its function on this train at least on the outbound train in the evening. Coffee and bagels etc. would have been more appropriate in the morning.

8578 RS-10s (MLW #81504 6/56) squeezing through a tight clearance beneath the CNR main line.
This was Pool 263 from Ottawa now just a yard movement on connecting track to the old Brockville & Westport wye
and it will return to Brockville "union" station to become Pool 264 back to Ottawa. Ron Visockis Collection


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