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These 1000 hp RS-23 units were officially designated by CPR as Branch Line Units (BLU) as were GMD SW1200RS.
Unofficially, on the Toronto Division at least they were called "rockets" as in "take off like a rocket !" Maybe too the roaring exhaust sounded and looked like a rocket. Actually, they were just the opposite, very slow accelerating. Engineers soon discovered this but, they also learned they would pull anything! Great on the Pulldown at Toronto Yard.

8028 with a brand new paint job minus the Multimark and 8039 during short-lived time on the D&H for yard service.
Saratoga Springs, New York. 10/21/1991 Paul McGrane Collection

8029 Multimark on carbody. M.U.'d to 8031 (below) with newer scheme without Multimark.
Two photos 9/03/1988 St.Luc Kermit Geary Jr.

Note: 8029 Sold 3/1997 OSR 503 and 8031 sold 1996 Minnesota Commercial 80

MLW 82581and 82583 9/1959


8034 MLW 83296 4/1960 Saint John, NB 6/28/1989

Sold 8/1995 W&H 8034 one of 12 RS-23's sold to Windsor and Hantsport.

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