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Canadian Pacific Railway

1000 hp ALCO/MLW S-2 and S-4 switcher

"Seventy Hundreds"

Note: Second order (7020-7024) cost $115,000 each delivered.

Paint diagram block lettering scheme all DS-10 units. NEW

NOTE: Full size tiff file available upon request.

7010 first S-2. (7010-7014 five units) ALCO 70239 5/1943
Angus May 1943 Canadian Pacific Motive Power Dept.

All were originally assigned to Montreal Terminals.
Painted black with tuscan name and number panels plus yellow lettering and numerals.

7010 in new "smiley" paint scheme. Note the white wheels! Hochelaga October 1947
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

7012 with horizontal shutters, script paint scheme and Watchman heater. Note the winter cab bay window.
This removeable item was a CPR design to improve engineer's vision without opening the window.
By this time unit had mismatched trucks. Rear is original Blunt type. Front is newer "AAR" type.
Only three units (7012, 7013 and 7014) were built with horizontal shutters.
St.Luc shop track April 1969. Phil Mason

7013 freshly painted in new scheme. 1948 Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

Last of five unit order (7010-7014) shown here in newer so-called "smiley" paint scheme.
Note the safety rule painted by all four wooden foot-boards.
"Employees are warned not to get on foot-board when engine is approaching"
Riding on the leading end was also forbidden.
Alco 70243 9/1943

7015-7019 (5 units) Western Lines

7015 first unit of second order of diesels.(7015-7017 Winnipeg 7018, 7019 Calgary) ALCO 72826 9/1944
Note the oblong stack. Winnipeg 9/1949 Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

7018 and 7019 first two yard diesels for Calgary just delivered and getting a look-over.
Built with exhaust stack almost level with top of unit. Later modified due to fumes entering cab.
Also, original first step too far off ground was modified for easier boarding when moving.
Alyth, early October 1944. Floyd Yates

7019 as built without stack in black paint with Tuscan background to light lettering. ALCO 72830 9/1944

Preserved in Calgary

Third order 7020-7024 (5 units) Originally assigned West Toronto

7020 diesel spur Parkdale Yard. Alco 72855 9/1944

7024 in Block lettering paint scheme. Last of third order of S-2's 7020-7024. Alco 72859 10/1944
Sold 6/03/1986 James River Marathon Ltd. 17-102 Marathon, ON
Re-sold 2004 Trillium 7024.

Fourth order 7025-7027 West Toronto, 7028-7030 Montreal.


7028 (Alco #73386 6/1945) arriving at Ottawa West off the M&O Sub. with Hull Transfer. C.1950
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection


Fifth order: 7031, 7032 West Toronto; 7033, 7034 Montreal; 7035, 7036 Winnipeg; 7037 Calgary. (7 units)

7033 in original paint scheme. (ALCo 73607 7/1945) March 1947
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

7037 sitting with 7050 behind it. Note galvanized tin drinking water pail.
In background lighweight passenger equipment. MLW S-2 73611 8/1945
Moose Jaw June 11, 1963 Walt Dunlap/John Cowan Collection

Sixth order 7038-7040 (3 units) Montreal

Seventh order 7041-7042 Montreal. 7043, 7044 West Tornto

7041 with mismatched trucks! Original Blunt type on rear and more modern so-called AAR type.
Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

7041 in block lettering, switching suburban equipment. S-2 Alco 74460 4/1946
Windsor Station, Montreal. 4/17/1969 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Eighth (last) order 7045-7064 (20 units)

7045-7047 West Toronto; 7048, 7049 Winnipeg; 7050 7051 Calgary; 7052 Montreal;
7053-7055 Calgary; 7056-7058 Montreal; 7059-7063 West Toronto; 7064 Montreal.

7053 in original black with Tuscan panels paint scheme. 5/31/1948 Vancouver

7054 with engineer posing at unknown date and location.

7055 in original black with Tuscan panels paint scheme. Alco 77538 10/1947

NOTE: 7065-7075 (11 units) see Baldwin-CLC DS44-1000

Production begun in Canada at Montreal Locomotive Works with Canadian General Electric, Peterborough components.
Prime movers constructed by Dominion Engineering Works, Lachine, Quebec.

MLW S-2 7076-7095 (20 units)

7085 MLW 75860 1/1949

3528 with its replacement, 7088 a brand new MLW S-2 the first diesel in Ottawa. 2/21/1949 Canadian Pacific

7088 (MLW S-2 #75863 2/1949) switching the River Yard at Ottawa West. c.1950
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

MLW S-4 7099-7118 (20 units)

Note: Equipped with modern AAR trucks built 6-7,1949.
This style truck was not adopted by Alco until June 1950.

7100 equipped for road service with combination pilot, front illuminated number board,
classification lights and chime airhorn. MLW 76470 6/1949 Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

Note: Four units 7100, 7106-7108 modified with MU for transfer service Vancouver terminal.

7106 equipped same as 7100 above. MLW 76476 7/1949 Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

S-4 7108 last unit of ten unit order 7099-7108. MLW 76478 7/1949
Canadian Pacific Railway

7113 builder's photo part of Sales Order 4104 7109-7114 MLW 77593 8/1952

7117 builder's photo SO-4106 April 1953 MLW 77292
7115-7118 Second last of 20 S-4 (7099-7118)


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