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CP Rail

MLW S-3 660 HP 99 ton

CP Rail original style with Multimark on cab engine number on carbody.

6503 with an upside down pyramid shield on front handrails. What for?

6503 part of first order 6500-6505 six units. MLW #77638 5/1951 Winnipeg 9/01/1975

Sold 11/1983 United Grain Growers 6503

Preserved at WCRA's Heritage Park in Squamish.

6512 with removable winter cab window. Last unit of second order 6506-6512 seven units.
6545 behind in Script style lettering and old colours.
Winnipeg 5/21/1973 Bruce Chapman

6518 S-3 MLW 79164 9/1953 First of fourth order 6518-6522 five units.
Equipped for road service. BTC. Front illuminated number board, combination pilot, chime air horn.
Hidden in the background is Royal Hudson 2860!
Vancouver 9/19/1979

6531 (sold 9/21/1976 Can Pac Leasing, to Cdn Fertilizer, Med Hat) MLW 81076 2/1955
Re-sold 12/1991 IPSCO 7 Regina.

6554 with slanted number boards front mounted to improve visibility for meets on the road.
Winnipeg 9/11/1977

6583 sold 2/17/1986 Western Canada Steel 6583. MLW 82169 6/1957

6592 with newer style slanted illuminated front number boards. Multimark placement on cab and number on carbody.
MLW #82178 8/1957 Calgary, July 1977 Richard Silagi

6593 in CP Rail original style with Multimark on cab engine number on carbody.
St.Luc 7/1975 Bill Bainbridge/L.B.Chapman Collection

Donated to National Research Council, Uplands, Ottawa, 10/29/1986

Acquired 7/2012 by SOLRS, Waterloo Central 6593.


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