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CP Rail

ALCO & MLW S-2 and S-4 1000 HP Yard Units

7011 with larger Multimark on carbody and number in traditional location on cab.
White circles are reflective for better night visibility at level crossings.
Rerailer is also white, normally yellow, often dirty black!
Note by now unit has mismatched trucks. Rear truck is original Blunt type. Front truck newer "AAR" style.

Third Alco S-2 7012 with mismatched trucks. Note small Multimark, number on carbody.
Horizontal radiator louvers. Equipped with Watchman heater.

7029 switching old type of open top bi-level auto carrier less than two years away from its retirement January 15, 1986.

7030 B-100 7040 hump set of two Alco S-2's with MLW booster unit between them working St.Luc hump.
G.H.Landau/Joseph Testagrose Collection

7081_B-102 S-2 and booster. MLW 75856 1/1949 and 82187 9/1957. Thunder Bay 5/15/1974 Bruce Chapman

7083_B-103 MLW 75858 1/1949 and 82188 9/1957 Thunder Bay 5/21/1977 Bruce Chapman

MLW S-2 7076-7095 (20) One order only.

7076 on the waterfront. MLW 75852 11/1948 Vancouver 7/10/1977 Rick Morgan

7097 part of 3 unit order (7096-7098) for International of Maine service in USA.
Brownville Jct. ME Saturday September 5, 1981.
Alco S-2 76940 8/1949.

MLW S-4 7099-7118 (20) Last of nearly 100 Alco/MLW 1000 hp yard switchers.
Built with AAR type A trucks

MLW 76469 6/1949 Sault Ste. Marie 7/23/1979 Wolf Kirchmeir

7100 MLW 76470 6/1949 One of four units (7100, 7106, 7107, 7108) modified (5-6/1951)
with non-standard 19 pin m.u. for road service. Vancouver 11/11/1981 Bruce Chapman.

7104 Winnipeg 3/1971 Wolf Kirchmeir

7111 MLW 77592 7/1952 Alyth 2/20/1981 Fred Clark/Bruce Chapman

7113 Vancouver 8/30/1975 Bruce Chapman

7115 equipped for road service. Early CP Rail paint scheme with unit number on carbody and Multimark on cab.
Note too the extra fuel tank on walkway (both sides) below unit number.

7117 in revised Multimark scheme.

7118 later paint version Multimark on carbody and number on cab in traditional manner.
. S-4 MLW #77293 5/1953 Retired 5/1983 after 30 years service.

7109-7118 equipped late 1956 for road service including extra fuel tank on running board in front of cab raising capacity
from 530 to 900 gallons. BTC requirements for road service included combination pilot, illuminated number board on front and chime air horn.


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