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Canadian Pacific Railway

CLC FM Train Master

8904 passing piles of track material. CLC 2931 8/1956 Trail, BC 5/15/1972 Bruce Chapman

Note the oddly out-of-sequence builder's numbers. 8905-8910 built 6, 7, 8/1956. 8911 (below) 2932 9/1956

Extra 8911 West and another brand new Train Master are westbound from St. Luc Yard to Smiths Falls just entering the Winchester Sub. at Ballantyne and about to cross the diamond with CNR L'Assomption Sub. from Quebec City to Montreal.
Yard engine movement is on the eastward main track (Winchester Sub.) Crossover (to the right) leads into Sortin yard. Photographer standing on the South Independent Lead. Parsley interchange is just north of here. (CLC 2932 9/1956)
J.Norman Lowe/Bruce Chapman Collection


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