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CPR early container traffic handled on flat cars converted from retired heavyweight sleeping cars.

Danny McCracken, David Morris and Bill Linley

These early container flats could carry four twenty foot containers. The containers on 42 The Atlantic Limited carried CP Express parcels and Canada Post mail ex Montreal. One flat would be set off at McAdam where 2 containers of express, 1 container of mail were transferred to highway trailers for Fredericton. The 4 th container was express for Woodstock NB via highway. The other 1 or 2 flats continued to Saint John Union Station with the same contents. In the evening the reverse took place, with 41 picking up the flat at McAdam. Fresh fish from St. Andrews was a key commodity being loaded at Mc.Adam

They used the Steadman system of transferring containers from trailers to the cars by elevating the trailer to a matching level and pulling them across with a motorized chain. One of the highway trailer chassis was equipped with special side transfer devices to remove a container, place it on the chassis or transfer it to the other trailer parked along side.

Before use to the Maritimes they were used on 21/22 ex Montreal to Toronto and London-Windsor. .

The last date for container transfer at McAdam was April 30, 1969. There was a big change with CP Express about that time. Express employees at McAdam transferred into the Freight/Baggage group or transferred to Fredericton to work. In Saint John there was an joint work location at the Smith Transport terminal.

The last date for container traffic from Saint John was June 2, 1971. No. 41 engine 4074, 520048, baggage 4714, stainless steel coach 106, Skyline 506, stainless steel sleepers CHATEAU LEVIS, CHATEAU ROBERVAL. Conductor E.L.Seeley

CP 520037 with only three containers being setoff Number 42 The Atlantic Limited Mc.Adam May 1, 1968. Bill Linley


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