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Canadian Pacific Railway

Consists: The Dominion

Sunday, May 7th, 1965:

to T. C. Shields, Agent, Ottawa Union,

Train 3 date has:
29076 regular mail Calgary
280116 Star mail Regina and overflow Calgary
4563 regular express Winnipeg
3813 regular express Regina
4789 regular express Vancouver
280779 regular express Calgary
4783 regular express Sudbury
3627 regular mail and express Sudbury
4711 regular baggage and express Winnipeg
2149 regular coach Winnipeg
2273 regular coach Sudbury
5673 regular buffet Sudbury
Franklin Manor regular sleeper Sudbury
6630 regular parlour Ottawa
2204 regular coach Ottawa
4220 regular mail and express Ottawa
280770 regular express North Bay
total 17 cars. Signed R. S. Allison


Friday, July 16th, 1965

to T. C. Shields, Agent, Ottawa

No. 3 date has: 8570-8472
4712 regular bagggage Winnipeg
2267 regular coach Vancouver
506 regular skyline Vancouver
2123 regular coach Ottawa
6171(?) regular parlour Ottawa
Sevim (?) Falls regular tourist Vancouver
2209 regular coach Sudbury
Troup regular sleeper Sudbury
6570 buffet extra Winnipeg
Salmon Arm sleeper extra Regina
Scotstown sleeper extra Regina
Steelton sleeper extra Regina
Ardrossan regular diner Vancouver
Redvers regular sleeper Vancouver
Willow Grove regular sleeper Vancouver
Yoho Park regular sleeper Vancouver

Signed R. S. Allison


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