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Ottawa Terminal

Raymond Farand

Upon the opening of Ottawa Station, a new Ottawa Subdivision was established from Hawthorne through
Ottawa Station to Nepean. In later years the trackage would revert back to its Alexandria/Beachburg roots,
with a begin/end to both subdivisions established east of the Midway at Ottawa Station .

Here are a couple of Joint Bulletins – these being directed primarily to the CPR’s operating employees,
which discuss the commencement of service at the new Ottawa Station in 1966.

In order that the Joint Bulletin CP-76/CN-227 not leave you confused, it should be noted that service
to and from Ottawa Station was initially only available at the east end of the complex.
Only on August 4th, did access to both ends of the station become possible
as detailed in Joint Bulletin CN-232/CP-80.



RDC 9112 on Number 132 first train to depart new station.

Note: It is not a "special" but actually the regular train.


Note: Due to incomplete track work (see second Bulletin above). #132 had to go east from the station to M &O Junction, turn south on the new Ottawa Subdivision, turn west at Hawthorne and through Walkley Yard, turn north at Ellwood,
head to Ottawa West, regain the M&O Subdivision to Hull West and on to Montreal on the Lachute Subdivision.


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