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There are many stories that go with this web site, this is a recent one. It all began when some images were routinely forwarded to me by long-time friend Bruce Chapman of Ottawa who has often contributed to my web site. These photos were taken by Ron Visockis of Belleville, Ontario who has often contributed photos. The photo of VIA 1418 isn't really anything special although it does illustrate a view of mixed power including one unit belonging to CP Rail. As motive power has always been my speciality I started checking into the history of the 1418. I saw that it had been built in 1951 as 4060 and was later modified to the 1400 high speed (89 mph) series for the brand new cross country passenger train The Canadian which began operating in 1955. Even more interesting, 1418 still exists! It and 1424 are on display in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

So, as I usually do to add more interest to things, I set about getting photos of them. In this instance I posted a message to a railfan message group, (C-P-R at Yahoo Groups) seeking this. Very quickly Al Jaster in Vernon, British Columbia, responded with the needed images. A number of other persons also responded. One, David Othen of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who had previously contributed, also responded saying he could likely locate his own shots. I advised him, as I did the others, I had what I needed. Al Jaster is a new contributor and someone I did not previously know. This is so typical of the Internet, people freely sharing with others.

In one of these photos I could see a plaque in the park setting where the units are displayed. Al, did not have a photo of the plaque so, I went back to David and asked him. He quickly responded with the missing image! Finally, I decided to add another CPR FP7A displayed unit to the gallery. For this, I went back to Al Jaster who again, quickly came through with two images of 4038 over the years. At the same time I came across a recent photo of 4069 the only operating unit which belongs to WCRA and is used on the infrequent Whistler Mountaineer. This photo is on Rail, a frequent source of quality photographs for this web site. M.J.Scanlon, of Memphis, Tennessee, thus became another new contributor. Coast to Coast in a flash, because of e-mail! Thanks to everyone. Ray Kennedy, Toronto, Ontario.



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