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Canadian Pacific Railway

Subsequent owners

Many diesels have been retired and sold off in recent years primarily four axle road switchers that had been part of the extensive remanufacturing project begun in 1980 and carried out at CP's main shops, Angus, Ogden and Weston.

Ten-Year Locomotive Program

GP9 upgraded rebuilt units. Originally 200 units rostered.

Demonstrator EMD 7102 (710-2)

Precursor to CP's EMD program of repowered units GP20C-ECO 2150 HP 8-710G3A-T2 2200-2320 (130 units).
Note: CP provided components (trucks, traction motors, main generator, air compressor etc.) from 130 upgraded GP9's.

EMD 7102 (ex CP 1637 nee 8511) GMD A709 11/1954 (8483-8521 39 units first order GP9)
Note: 8511, 8512 at one time geared for 89 mph for passenger service.
Rebuilt Angus1/1987. Retired 5/2007 sold EMD 7/2007.
Rebuilt 4/2008 into GP22 ECO Geep. 2150 HP V8 710G3A
Sold 4/2010 FXE 2100 Guadalajara 5/21/2011

Coquitlam, BC September 6/2008 Mark Forseille


BDRV 1889 ex CP 1689 nee THB 402 GP9 GMD A570 2/1954
Enroute to new owner. "Poco" yard 8/24/2014 Andy Cassidy

Note: Built long-hood forward with steam generator and 75 mph gearing for passenger service.

Rebuild plate indicating original unit was TH&B 402 and rebuilt by CP 1/1988.

Rebuild plate for each truck.





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