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Canadian Pacific Railway

Stainless Steel equipment


A little-known fact is a planned second order for additional Budd-build equipment.
Details are unconfirmed but 57 cars are thought to have been planned to finish re-equipping
The Dominion as well as The Atlantic Limited. A later addition would have been for
five parlor cars likely for popular Montreal - Ottawa service. Totalling 62 cars.

Order was to include coaches (52 smoker seats and 16 regular seats)
and dining cars (48 seats) as well as two new car types:
Buffet-Parlor 29 seats. Alternative 26 seats and 2 luggage elevators.
Dome-Sleeper 4 double bedroom (connecting), 4 bedroom (lower berth only),
4 roomettes and 24 seats in dome.

More baggage-dormitory cars were also planned and not in second document
likely because they were identical to existing cars.

Note: Individual quantities unknown.
Also unknown is names for first class cars.

Note: The new dome-sleeper was added as it had been determined
there was too little dome seating on The Canadian!

For Tourist class consideration of ordering Budd Siesta coaches sleeping 32 (similar to Pullman Slumbercoaches) was not included since tourist class travel was declining and uncertainty of its future resulted in the decision not to order them.
Instead, 22 heavyweight G class sleeping cars were modernized and designated as U class cars.
A grand total of 80 additional cars would have been slightly less than 50% of the original order.

Official Budd Compnay diagrams and elevations
CPHA collection

Coach 52 smoker seats and 16 regular seats
(reverse of normal division)
(Note: First order was 24 and 36 leg rest seats)

Dining 48 seats

Buffet-Parlor 29 seats
(option 26 seats plus 2 baggage elevators)

4 double bedroom (connecting),
4 bedroom (lower berth only),
4 roomettes and 24 seats in dome.
(Note; same as NP's North Coast Limited)



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