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Canadian Pacific Railway

Rules Exam, Vision Test, Dental, School, Safety.

Rules Instruction Car 1700 Built 1937. 36 coach seats 36 smoker seats. Ice A.C.
Assigned Calgary-Edmonton.Transferred to Fort William for Rules car.
Transferred 1968 to Montreal for Suburban service.

58 Safety Instruction Car. Ex 98:2nd 4/1948 Hospital Car. ex Mount Kitchener 3/1943. ex Mount Meikkle.
ex 7790 observation. Built 1913. Scrapped Farnham 1969. John Street Coach Yard.

51 Vancouver Division safety instruction car. Ex 403001, ex 2722 baggage car nee 4722. CC&F 1952

Rules Instruction car 59. Converted May 1947 from Hospital Car 99 (assigned Canadian Army Medical Corp)
which had been converted March 1943 from Colonist car 2749 December 1939 nee sleeper Godfrey built 6/1912.
Steel sheathed in 1927. Retired 1978. Sold to WCRA 1978. Sold For Scrap 10/1988.

Interior view with school bus seats.

Dental Car converted from sleeper Welsford. Angus September 1931 CPR CMPRS 5715. Kevin Day Collection

One of the most unusual cars was this seldom photographed Dental Car that for years moved around Northern Ontario's remote region to bring a dentist to the children of 52 communities in the vast area that had so little in the way of services taken for granted elsewhere. CPR operated this car beginning late in 1931 at the behest of the Ontario Department of Public Health which provided free care and paid the dentist and his assistant which was his wife. The dental equipment, furniture and other living needs was donated by a charity, the Rosedale Chapter of the I.O.D.E. The car was self-sufficient with a waiting room, an examination room, a dark room for developing x-ray photos, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two bedrooms.

Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 1931

This steel car numbered 69 replaced car 53 in 1960.
Nipigon September 1968 Wolf Kirchmeir

CNR also operated a car in Northern Ontario from September 29, 1931 until 1977.
This last dental car CN 15095 is preserved at the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls.

Note: School-On-Wheels was another such service featuring two cars each on CNR and CPR with another on ONR.


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