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410007 and a cut of matching tunnel ice breaker box cars. Ballasted to 66 tons.
Calgary October 8, 1989

The rotary snow plough was invented in 1869 by Toronto dentist J.W.Elliot although he never actually built one. It wasn't until 1883-84 that Orange Jull of Orangeville, Ontario contracted with Leslie Brothers of Toronto to build one that was successfully operated in Parkdale on the old TG&B Wharf lead. Jull later sold his design rights to Leslie Brothers, who formed the Rotary Steam Shovel Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey. Leslie Brothers contracted with Cooke Locomotive & Machine Works in Paterson to do the actual construction.

Popular Mechanics March 1910

This may be an updated version of the Jull Centrifugal Snow Plough. There is nothing to indicate where on the CPR this was tried or if one was ever bought.


410650 is an old wooden box car containing a steam generator. Likely used to thaw culverts.
Stencil above words STEAM GENERATOR reads Couple this end to diesel. Calgary.

400811 steam rotary snow plough. Note the properly dressed young boy posing for the camera.
Thursday, June 13, 1940 Revelstoke, BC Bud Laws Collection

Article about two rotaries inc. 300811 built 1910

400783, 400896 and 400792 plows lined up ready for work. Just need to get that wood covering off the windows.
11/26/1987 Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 400774 snow plow and spreader 402851 (below) 12/11/1991 Smiths Falls, ON Kermit Geary Jr.
Stencil: DANGER! lock wings out or drain reservoirs before going behind wings.

400849 Mc.Adam Jct. Harvey L. Clough/Bud Laws Collection

Two snow plows sit waiting for the call to duty. Al Howlett

401103 one of four (401100-401103) built 1930-31. Rare double track plow.
Bensenville, IL December 19, 2005

CP 402851 ancient wooden cab Jordan spreader with ice cutters sits near plow 400774 (above)
12/11/1991 Smiths Falls Kermit Geary Jr.

402867 with wings out on car shop track used for service equipment repairs.

CP 402885 Jordan spreader used for ballast work, earth ditching as well as snow plowing and spreading.
St.Luc Yard, Montreal, QC 9/12/1997 Kermit Geary Jr.


Spreader 402877 Bredenbury, SK 8/28/2011 Owen Parker

402881 Toronto Yard


400805 steam rotary snow plow.

422025_422026 snow melter at work in yard.

422027 at work clearing snow in the yard. CP photo P2869-2
Built by William Bros Boiler and Mfg. Co. Minneapolis, MN.
Note: Bros is not short for brothers!
Established 1893 and still in existence in 21st century! .
300 HP engine powers the auger. Clears path 14 feet wide.
Tank holds 14,000 gallons of melt.

422027 snow melter mounted on a flat car and used to clear snow from St.Luc Yard. Milton G. Watson


Light Weight 139,000 NEW 11/50


400000 steam pile driver. Toronto 1950's Jim Parker

CP 420926 scale test car. 30-ton 15 feet 3 inches. Built Atlas Steel, Welland June 1916
These cars used to test accuracy of track scales. No air brake account wear of brake shoes would change correct weight. Must be moved on rear of train. Once handled next to van with air hose run around scale car.

CP 420927 scale test car converetd from covered hopper and used in conjunction with 420926.
Fort Edwards, NY 7/02/2000 two photos Kermit Geary Jr.

CP 420931 scale test car is another odd-shaped piece of equipment!
Converted Weston shops 5/1982 from B-100 booster unit MLW 77710 12/1950
Sold for scrap Mandak Metals, Selkirk, MB.
Winnipeg 10/08/2014

Auxiliary train. For hooks see Gallery of cranes.

403740 Cable car used on the Auxiliary. Ron Visockis

411519 Foreman's car on the No.1 Auxiliary ("Big Hook"). Two views; West Toronto c.1950's Jim Parker

This car, like many pieces of rolling stock especially passenger equipment, had a long and varied life.
Built in 1909 as Sleeper-Buffet-Parlor-Observation car Glenbow. 2/18 re-named Mount Bruce.
4/26 exterior steel plated. During this revenue passenger use it would have provided the best First Class
accommodations bringing up the rear of the most important passenger trains. When newer cars were
acquired older cars went into Company Service for use by Officials as Business Cars (never say, "private car")
travelling about their territory or to accommodate different employee groups working away from home.
In this case 11/49 it became Service car 411519 for use on the auxiliary, a special train including a
"hook" or wreck crane, sent out to "affairs" as the CPR referred to derailments, wrecks etc. Scrapped 1969.


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