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CPR Service equipment

Boarding cars, etc.

411705 ex 4782 baggage-express 80 foot (4701-4789 89 cars) CC&F 1953

Two views showing both sides of converted 12-1 sleeper Neudorf. CC&F 1921 Jim Booth

Converted 40 foot box car.

CP 411719 Cook-Diner-Sleeper lightweight 80' former baggage and express car 4744 CC&F 1952
St.Luc 9/03/1988 Kermit Geary Jr.

Old mail car as Service equipment. Illegible number. Al Howlett

411513 Service car assigned to Communications Dept. (telegraph/telephone) it seldom moved from its track near
West Toronto diamond. Two views: West Toronto c.1950's Jim Parker
Unlike combooses (combine or combination car and caboose) the cupola was used for observation of line wires.
: Penfound Varnish was one of the nearby local industries served by the CPR.

This unique car was another example of how a piece of rolling stock changed rolls over the years.
Built Angus 1/1911 as First Class coach 395 (ii) it was renumbered 695 in 11/1912.
In 1/1947 converted into Service car 411513. Scrapped 1968.
West Toronto depot in the background.

411528 Communications Service car. Built May 1906 as Parlor MAGOG equipped with 28 loose lounge parlor chairs and
a smoking room seating 6. It had a mahogany interior and exterior of varnished natural mahogany. October 1919 re# 6703. November 1950 converted to service car. Bill Thomson Similar cars were in use on Western Lines.

412207 Dining Car. No, not a spare for The Dominion! This was a Service car used on work trains.

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