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CPR Rolling Stock

Business Cars

CPR always referred to its passenger cars used by officials as Business Cars (BC for short) never as "private cars".
Employees on the other hand always called them just that; private cars!

Named business cars (circa 1950's) were assigned to General Manager and above.
Numbered cars to General Superintendent and below.

Mount Stephen Built 12/1926. The Glen August 19, 1977 Coo/West Collection/J.Bryce Lee

Floor plan Mount Stephen


Royal Canadian Pacific


Strathcona (3rd) Brandon, Manitoba. November 1976
Lawrence Stuckey/Dale Wilson Collection

Floor plan Strathcona: 3rd also Mount Royal
includes side elevation.

Mount Royal John Street Coach Yard. 5/30/1969.
Later in 1969 it was renamed Ontario by Vice-President, Eastern Region (HQ: Toronto)
Restored to Mount Royal 9/06/1989.

Royal Canadian Pacific (both)

Floor plan Strathcona: 2nd built May 1927


LACOMBE in GYO spur at Toronto Yard. 3/24/1982
Converted April 1943 from compartment sleeper Glen Roy built 1921.

VAN HORNE built new May 1927.

BC 7 Sudbury 6/1978

BC 9 in Saint John, NB. 1976 Digital restoration by Gordon Kennedy.

BC 10 Edmonton ca.1966 Wolf Kirchmeir

BC 15 formerly, Cape Cook. Newport, Vermont.
DanSabin/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

Note: Sister to "Car 13" formerly, Cape Race. Preserved by Upper Canada Railway Society.

Former BC 16 (ex BC British Columbia) preserved 1963 as British Columbia by WCRA.
Built Barney & Smith 7/1890

4th Business Car named British Columbia Nov. 1928-1945 and 1947-1952 re# 19 (2nd).

British Columbia one of three car order built November 1928
Also, Ontario and Algoma

Former CP 19 (nee British Columbia) preserved 1983 The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, Cranbrook..

BC 36 built CCF/Angus 1929 as River Clyde. 1945 converted to Cape Churchill. Converted to BC 36 8/1966.
Sold 9/1970 to IPSCO Francis E. Shaw Regina. Displayed with 3101 4-8-4.
Ignace, Ont. July 1970 Wolf Kirchmeir

River and Cape observation cars

Two views of Superintendent's BC 23. Built by Crossen Car Mfg. Co, Cobourg, ON 6/1896 as Quebec Central Megantic. Rebuilt 1912 with steel underframe. 8/1935 renamed Beauce. 9/1939 numbered 23. Retired 1968.
This car is preserved at Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario, Smiths Falls.

Business Car 26 one of 22 short cars, 15 built by CPR Farnham, Que. car shop and 7 at Angus. Built 1901-1912.
(26 built 9/1906). Used by Division Superintendent. Drake Street. Andy Cassidy Collection

BC 27 was sold 1929 to Singer Manufacturing Co. for their non-common carrier Thurso & Nation Valley.
In 1979 it was acquired by Bytown Railway Society and thoroughly restored.
Located in Ottawa at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Mechanical Instruction Car 60.

Built wood car June 1909 as single compartment observation lounge car GLEN SIDE.
Converted January 1918 to compartment observation sleeping car MOUNT HOOD. .
Steel sheathed in June 1927 at Angus shops, but was never air-conditioned.
Modified June 23, 1941 at Angus as Mechanical Instruction Car 60.
Assigned Eastern Region, Toronto 1941-1978.
Retired 1978. Sold 1979 ORA.

60 sitting next to Riding Mountain Park. Sudbury 6/1978



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