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Canadian Pacific Railway

W1 Class 0-10-0

W1 class 6950 was one of only three 0-10-0's on the CPR. Built by CPR in Oct. 1914 for heavy yard switching
they lasted for almost half of a century. Winnipeg September 5,1932 in the middle of the Depression.
Roy F.Blackburn/Bud Laws collection

Cyl. 23 1/2" x 26" Drv. 52" Press. 200 lbs. T.E. 55,200 Lt. Wt. Eng.108 tons
Tender capacity 12 tons coal 7,000 gals. water.

6951 brand new!

There were only three 0-10-0's yet, each one had a different tender!
July 1950 Howard W. Ameling/Bud Laws Collection



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