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Canadian Pacific Railway

G1 Class 2200 4-6-2 Pacific

G1a class 1100 with its 75 inch drivers. Brand new. CPR Angus 1434 4/1906

G1p 2200 (Built CPR 4/1906 as G1a 1100) Rebuilt 7/1927 with new boiler 225 lbs. Cyl 21 1/4" x 28".
Hull West, Que. June 1948 George Parks collection courtesy of Bruce Chapman.

G1p 2201 with original 5,200 gal. round corner tender and new vestibule cab. CPR April 1906 r/b 12/1923
Appears to be at John Street. Circa 1940's Retired 1/1947. Bud Laws Collection.

G1p 2202 still with open cab and small tender. Slanted illuminated number boards.
CPR #1436 May 1906 r/b 12/1924 new boiler 250 lbs. cyl. 20" x 28"
Glen April 1933 Alan R. Christmas/Bud Laws Collection

2202 a few years later with a vestibule cab. What are those two little girls looking at or for? Likely grandpa since it is probably their father taking the picture. You can bet their mother wouldn't leave them alone that far away! They are in their early 70's by now if they are still around. Unknown location. June 5, 1940 Bruce Chapman collection

2202 still later, now with a new, larger tender and new Pyle-National headlight. Still with slanted illuminated number boards.
It will get one more change when about 1950 it will be equipped with a mechanical stoker as will 2200 and 2219.
Date unknown. Ottawa Stan F. Styles/Bruce Chapman collection

G1r 2206 still with open cab. CPR #1486 October 1906 r/b 11/1926 cylinders 22 1/2" x 28" old boiler 200 lbs.
Toronto? c.1930's Harry Hart/Robin Hart Collection

G1s 2211 with feed water heater, newer big tender and vestibule cab.
CPR 11/1907 r/b 7/1924 cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" old boiler 200 lbs.
Woodsville, NH January 1942 Bud Laws Collection

G1 2212 still with open cab and small tender. CPR 12/1907 Toronto June 4, 1939

G1d 2212 rebuilt 12/1924 with new boiler 250 lbs. pressure and 20" x 28" cylinders.
Rebuilt at a later date with vestibule cab and new larger tender.
G1s 2212 only G1 with Worthington feedwater heater.
Feedwater pump
is located behind shield on front of engine.
Looks like fresh out of Angus Shops.
CPR M.P. 938/Bruce Chapman Collection

G1s 2216 rides the table at new St.Luc roundhouse. Note lack of smoke stacks due to direct steaming.
CPR Angus G1d 1/1908 Retained old boiler 200 lbs with 22 1/2 x 28 cylinders replacing original 21" x 28".
Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

G1s 2217 with vestibule cab and new, larger tender. CPR 11/1912 r/b 8/1923 (scrap 9/1944)
G2 2581 behind and D&H engine right background.
C.C.Grayson/Bud Laws Collection

G1s 2218 CPR 2/1910 G1d rebuilt 5/1921 Cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" old boiler 200 lbs.
Still with open cab which it retained until scrapped!
Montreal 5/1956 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

Interesting view of the small terminal in Maniwaki, Quebec with 2218 waiting to be turned for the trip back to Ottawa in passenger service. You can see the wooden passenger cars on its left. A D-10 is in the distance in front of the little shop, perhaps awaiting coaling from the ancient coaling contraption. The flat cars were for log loading to head south.
Bruce Chapman Collection

G1s 2219 (G1d 1019 CPR 2/1910) Rebuilt 8/1924 new boiler 225 lbs. cyl. 21 1/4" X 28" Scrap 7/1961
By now this engine has been equipped with a stoker as were 2200 and 2202. Smiths Falls July 23, 1952
Ray Deschenes/Bruce Chapman Collection

G1s 2220 displaying green signals. MLW 49481 2/1911 Harry Hart/Robin Hart Collection
Note the scoop on the side of the coal bunker used to trim coal pile. All engines carried a old spare scoop in case of emergency. It was not unheard-of for a handle to break, or a scoop to fall off the deck or even go in the firebox!

2221 in a very early photo. Al Paterson Collection/Bruce Chapman Collection

2221 still with open cab but, with larger tender. Fresh out of Angus, possibly 12/1928 when rebuilt with new cylinders
22 1/2" x 28" and reclassed from G1h to G1s. CPR M.P. 685/Bruce Chapman Collection

2222 with suburban train not stopping at Lakeside, Que. 9/24/1954 Bruce Chapman Collection

A Spick and Span Four Deuces 2222 on the Glen shop track 1954. Old Time Trains virtual library.

2227 with the famed Trans-Canada Limited pulling out of Windsor Station in Montreal. May 1919

G1t 2227 handling Montreal bound York leaving Ottawa September 18,1940 Bud Laws Collection

2227 Delson Junction, Quebec. CPR 8/1911 October 29, 1940

2228 westbound at Vaudreuil, Que. Winter 1928 CPR 2/1911
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

G1u 2229 CPR 3/1913 G1f r/b 6/1924 retained old boiler 200 lbs.
Location unknown 1946. Bud Laws Collection

G1v 2234 on shop track Lambton. Circa late 1930's. CPR 6/1914 Bud Laws Collection

G1v 2237 engineer/fireman looking ahead. CPR 7/1914 r/b 9/1927 new boiler 225 lbs. cyl. 22 1/4" x 28"
9/1949 Bud Laws Collection



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