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P1n subclass 2-8-2

Although officially designated as rebuilt locomotives the 5200's were in fact more new than old. They didn't even get their own class, just subclass "n" of class P1. Starting with N2 class 2-8-0's (3600's and 3700's), new boilers, the heart of a steam locomotive, were built along with the addition of mechanical stokers (NEVER say "automatic stoker" to a fireman!), and application of an enclosed vestibule cab. Much bigger tenders were applied as well, carrying 18 tons of coal and 10,000 gallons of water. The engines themselves were already newer from an earlier 1923-30 rebuild of the original 38-3900 N3 class 2-8-0's with new frames, cylinders and motion. The 5200's continued to show the original 1910-1914 dates most having been built by MLW (52), plus 8 CLC and 5 by Canada Foundry. Note: "Engines" refers to the two sets of cylinders and motion on each side comprising an independent engine. It is possible for a locomotive to operate on only one side at reduced power to clear the mainline in the event of a road failure. Cylinders: 22" diameter x 32" stroke. Drivers: 63" diameter. Boiler pressure: 215 pounds per square inch. Tractive Effort: 45,000 pounds.

Initially, it had been proposed as far back as 1930 to build brand new light 2-8-2's Class P3. This would have followed bigger Q1 Class 2-8-4's. This was delayed first by the Great Depression and then by World War Two. Eventually, the 2-8-4's were dropped (they would have been only slightly more powerful than the latest P2 class 2-8-2's but, would have a larger steam capacity because they were to utilize Royal Hudson-sized boiler and firebox.) Instead, 65 N2 class 2-8-0's were rebuilt between 9/1946 and 12/1949 at the rate of about two a month by Angus Shops into P1n class 2-8-2's. These were the last 2-8-2 Mikado types built. In fact, all steam locomotive building came to an end in December 1949 with the delivery of 5264 and the retirement of the now-legendary CPR Chief of Motive Power and Rolling Stock: H.B. Bowen. Dieselization would soon follow and be completed in just ten years. Had Bowen a few more years before retirement it is likely these rebuilds would have continued with possibly another 100 engines since he was a steam era man.

5200 Brand new ex Angus shops 9/1946 (ex 3704 3/1928 built as 3904 MLW 51551 10/1912)
(It was scrapped at Angus 7/1958) Bud Laws Collection

P1n 5204 taking coal in Penticton, BC September 1947 Bud Laws Collection

5205 (r/b 12/1946 ex 3620 6/1927 built CLC 985 8/1911)
Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

5210 with typical Western Lines light grey smoke box. Calgary November 1949 Bud Laws Collection

Note the filthy mud covering rear of engine. This comes from the boiler and is most common in areas of bad water. It is also caused by lack of frequent enough blowing down of the boiler. Under the worst conditions some roads had to washout the boiler every 15 days rather than the standard mandated 30 days.

5212 unknown location or date. Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

5215 taking water at Winnipeg October 1947 Bud Laws Collection

5216 Calgary September 1953 Bud Laws Collection

5218 Calgary September 25, 1949 Bud Laws Collection

5219 Calgary July 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5220 Aberdeen (Hamilton) April 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5224 dead engine (note main rods are off) possibly waiting for Ogden main shop. Calgary 8/4/1949 Bud Laws Collection

5238 unknown location or date. Bud Laws Collection

5243 uncaptioned but believed to be Alyth. Early 1950's Bud Laws Collection

5249 Captioned Calgary but clearly it is not. Believed to be Kamloops.
October 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5250 Grand Forks, BC September 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5251 Alyth (Calgary) March 21, 1954 Bud Laws Collection

5253 Alyth (Calgary) May 20, 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5256 uncaptioned but identified as Drake Street in Vancouver. Early 1950's. Bud Laws Collection

P1n 5258 converted to oil for Western Lines. Unknown location. 10-01-1967 Joseph Testagrose Collection

5261 Vancouver May 9, 1954 Walter Edwin Frost/City of Vancouver Archives.



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