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Canadian Pacific Railway

P2 Class 2-8-2 Mikado

This class differed greatly in appearance and specifications between sub-classes of 174 locomotives that were built by the CPR, CLC and MLW between 1919 and 1948. Beginning with P2e sub-class 5360 one-piece cast bed and a multiple throttle were major improvements. The most noticeable difference in appearance came with the introduction of semi-streamlined engines as in other classes that distinguished CPR power. P2g 5405 was the first such engine built July 1940 by Montreal Locomotive Works. Carrying 275 lbs. pressure and counter-balanced for 65 mph compared to earlier sub-classes with 200 or 250 lbs and 50 mph. These P2 class 2-8-2's were very capable and used across most of the system in freight and passenger service. CLC and MLW would continue building these engines until MLW turned out 5473 in October of 1948.

Article 1920


P2a 5301 (5300-5309) Cyl. 25 1/2" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 56,100 CPR 4/1919
Hand-fired. 8,000 gallon tender. As-built appearance. Bruce Chapman Collection

5307 Unknown location James Adams/Bud Laws Collection

P2b 5314 one of 15 engines (5310-5324) built by MLW 62859 1/1921
North Bend, BC August 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5314 with crew posing. Coquitlam May 21, 1939 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5315 on the shop track next to coal trestle Kamloops, BC October 11,1941. Bud Laws Collection

5315 about 11 years later now with flat illuminated number board. North Bend, BC July 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5318 getting some attention on the shop track with wooden mountain pilot and slanted illuminated number boards.
Kamloops October 15, 1942 Bud Laws Collection

5320 Brownville Junction, Maine. Bud Laws Collection

5323 in a similar pose to 5318 above. Kamloops October 10, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

5323 with ash pans being cleaned, possibly Lambton.
Bud Laws Collection

5324 (last P2b) in the same spot. Kamloops March 12, 1942 Bud Laws Collection

First P2c 5325 getting finishing touches of its shopping at Ogden circa 1955.
MLW 65001 10/1923 Yves St-Hilaire Collection

5329 (P2c 5325-5344) brand new! MLW 65005 10/1923 CPR MP&RS

5341 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

5342 Winnipeg 7/22/1939 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

P2c 5343 yet another engine in the same spot as 5324. Kamloops October 17, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5343 Montreal July 27, 1956 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

P2d 5349 (5345-5359 15 engines) St.Luc (Montreal) Bud Laws Collection
Second last roundhouse built (1949) in Canada.

5350 showing signs of bad water. Calgary July 14, 1949 Al Paterson Bud Laws Collection

5352 on the shop track Kamloops October 12, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

5356 unknown date or location. Ray DeschenesBud Laws Collection

5360 Calgary 2/13/1955 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

5360 Winnipeg August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

P2e 5361 back when it was just another P2. (5360-5379) CLC #1775 9/1926
Chalk River, Ont. 8/1955 Richard Leonard

5365 looking brand new posed at Angus in a perfect rods-down pose. Likely a CPR photo. Bud Laws Collection
Note the large steam supply pipe (for work equipment) along the running board (typical for this subclass).
Note too the white wall tyres for its official photograph. Also, old style illuminated number board right on top of
headlight where glare might interfere with its visibility. Later moved to top of smokebox.
CLC 1178 10/1926

5366 note open ashpan. Unknown date or location. Ray DeschenesBud Laws Collection

5369 sitting in the yard has a marker lamp on top of the tender evidence of running light after assisting.
Field, BC 8/08/1938 Addison Lake/Bud Laws Collection

5371 on shop track. No caption/credit. Possibly Lambton. Bud Laws Collection

P2f 5394 (5380-5404) 23" x 32" cy. 63" drv. 250 lbs. 57,100 t.e. 16 tons 10,000 gals.
MLW #67627 9/1928. Winnipeg September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5384 Winnipeg September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

Man walking by looks like he may have just completed a trip on 5385.
Winnipeg August 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5386 Calgary 1932 M.A.Mutz/Bud Laws Collection

5387 with two men posing for their photograph. Date says 11/12/1940. No snow in Winnipeg?
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection


5388 sitting on the shop track. Note the post next to cylinder used to hang driver chains on.
Winnipeg August 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5389 running Extra. Winnipeg September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5390 in the yard. Winnipeg November 4,1946 Bud Laws Collection

5391 recently painted in typical Western Lines scheme with grey smokebox.
Winnipeg September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

Opposite side of 5391 with old style front illuminated number board. Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

P2f 5394 23" x 32" cy. 63" drv. 250 lbs. 57,100 t.e. 16 tons 10,000 gals. MLW #67639 Oct.1928.
St.Luc (Montreal) July 14,1959 Howard W. Ameling/Bud Laws Collection

5398 taking water at Sherbrooke, QC August 11, 1940 Al Paterson Bud Laws Collection

5400 with some pretty dirty classification flags! Date unknown. Montreal. Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection
The auto gives a small clue as to date but no way of knowing how old it was when photographed.
Note the steam supply pipe along running board. This was for steam powered work equipment such as a
Lidgerwood machine. A number of these P2's had it. Different piping arrangement on some. See: 5361.

5401 brand new! MLW 67646 11/1928 Angus CPR/Bud Laws Collection

P2f 5401 doubleheading with a 2400. Mc.Adam 6/1953 MLW 67646 11/1928
Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

5405-5473 69 engines built 1940-1948 by CLC and MLW. Cyl. 22" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 275 lbs. t.e. 58%

These were semi-streamlined modern engines of a greatly different appearance built with one-piece cast bed,
multiple throttle and counterbalanced for speeds up to 65 miles per hour.

5406 in a perfect "rods down" pose! C T Felstead/Lee A Hastings Collection

5406 P2g (5405-5416) MLW 69275 7/1940 This was the second semi-streamlined P2.
Megantic, Quebec October 30, 1954 Bud Laws Collection

Brand new just delivered from Montreal Locomotive Works. Outremont, Que. 7/21/1940 James A. Brown Collection

5408 Winnipeg September 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5410 posed rods-down. Likely new at Angus Shops. (No background is typical dark room work CPR photos).
MLW 69280 8/1940 Bud Laws Collection

5412 Winnipeg September 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5413 brand new! MLW 69283 8/1940 Outremont August 25, 1940 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5413 dead with stack covered and rods off (on running boards). Sherbrooke 1955 Bud Laws Collection

5414 Brand new just delivered from Montreal Locomotive Works. Outremont, Que. 8/20/1940
James A. Brown Collection

Extra 5414 making too much black smoke! This was a London engine 1950's. Bud Laws Collection

Eastbound 5415 is taking water at Greenville Jct., Maine. The steam engine in the background would be a BAR loco as they interchanged here. Probably 1958 or so. Caption: Wendell Lemon

5415 Megantic, Quebec October 30,1955 Bud Laws Collection

First P2h 5417-5436 20 engines. Only CLC order. Builder's order number C-594 CLC 2022 4/1943

5417 posed rods-down brand new. 3/31/1943 Bud Laws Collection

P2h 5418 North Bay September 3, 1948 Bud Laws Collection

5427 Calgary September 1948 Bud Laws Collection

5428 high in the Rockies at Field, BC September 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5429 displaying signals for a following section, backing to its train in Broadview, SK October 15, 1953

5430 Carberry, Manitoba March 1953 Bud Laws Collection

5432 Nelson, BC June 1949 Paul W. Prescott/Bud Laws Collection

5434 standing near an empty water tank! In background water level indicator at bottom shows empty. Strange.
No caption but photo processed in Saskatoon. Bud Laws Collection

Last P2g 5436 Calgary September 28,1949 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

P2j 5440 (5437-5461 25 engines) #71639 June 1944 Montreal Locomotive Works

Only 16 years separate this photograph from the builder's photo of 5440 above it. Only difference is, it's all over with.
Retired 5444 sits with other engines in Calgary waiting scrapping. 8/17/1960 Bud Laws Collection

5447 on the shop track ready to return west. Brownville Junction, Maine August 1956

P2j 5449 (MLW 71647 7/1944) brings a cut of new box cars from Hochelaga yard. Near Angus. 6/24/1959 Bob Krone

5455 has triggered the wig-wag signal in a light snow at unknown location. Bud Laws Collection

P2k 5462-5473 last order.

P2k 5464 dead at Ogden 8/22/1958 has reached the end of her short years. Only 10 years old (MLW 76136 9/1948)
she is listed ROD (Repair On Demand) accumulated use No.1 machine job 70,642 miles. No.1 tube 164,750 miles.
Oil-fired, the demand never came. Retired 5/1959 and scrapped. Bud Laws Collection

P2k 5466 (MLW 76138 9/1948) after a four year gap this subclass was one last order (12 engines 5462-5473).
5462-5469 were the only P2 class that were oil fired.
Western Lines engine equipped with new style Elesco Feed Water Heater
Bordertown Publishing/David Greenaway Collection

5467 brand new in Montreal Srptember 1948. CPR/Steve Morris Collection

5472 second to last P2. Date and location unknown however,
it was a Western Lines engine assigned to Fort William in 1957.

5468 on display at Revelstoke Railway Museum. July 2, 2008 Robert (Rob) Brown
The interior of a steam locomotive cab is as complex looking as an aircraft cockpit to the uninitiated.
Slightly different angle (below) in black and white tends to back date the photo to the steam era.


54x2 in an erecting shop receiving major repairs. Number on smoke box appears to be 5442.


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