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Royal Tour 1939

The 1939 Royal Tour was historically significant because it was the first time a ruling monarch had visited Canada.

Letter instructions to engineer and conductor Smiths Falls.

Post Office cancellations

Map of route

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 1939 Royal tour.

2850 racing along at some unrecorded location.

H1d 2850 likely has just arrived with the Royal Train in Vancouver. May 29, 1939 Bud Laws Collection

One of ten H1d sub-class 2850 MLW 69100 8/1938 Vancouver 5/31/1939 E.Towler/Bud Laws Collection

2850 "The" Royal Hudson shown here on public display. Bud Laws Collection

2850 is just another Twenty Eight Hundred here at Winnipeg 8/24/1957 Peter Cox

Most likely this was the protect engine for the Royal Trains. 2851 being for the Advance Royal train which carried the press and entourage. 2852 Drake Street, Vancouver 5/1939 Bud Laws Collection

Ontario District engine crews for 1939 Royal Tour trains. 2855 was used as a backdrop only.
It was not used for the Royal trains. John Street April 28, 1939. Collection of H.M. (Mac) Allen

Displayed inside at Exporail.



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