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Canadian Pacific Railway

S2a Class 2-10-2 Santa Fe Type

Cylinders 26.5" x 32" drivers 58" boiler pressure 200 pounds 65,900 t.e. (66%)
Tenders: 5,000 gals. water 12 tons coal and 3000 gallons oil (others were 14 ton coal) and 8000 gals. water tender.

There were only 15 of these powerful 2-10-2's built 1919-1920 by the CPR. They were the most powerfull Canadian steam locomotives until the 2-10-4 Selkirks came along. Initially used for heavy freight service in the mountains they were soon reassigned because their slow speed of only 30 mph hindered the flow of traffic. Most (9, oil-fired) were then used for helper service on the steepest parts of the mainline in the Rockies while 3 (5812-14 Duplex stoker-equipped coal fired) also worked helper service out of Moose Jaw. 5812 was converted to oil and given the tender (4100 oil 11,500 water) off scrapped high-pressure 2-10-4 8000 and transferred to BC. 5814 (built 7/20) was lost in a wreck at Dennis, Alberta with 2829 on Number 8 a fast passenger train and scrapped 4/1940. The first three (5800-02 hand-fired coal burners) were used in transfer service in Montreal where their slow speed would be no problem and their high tractive effort very useful. Circa 1950 following opening of St.Luc hump yard these engines were converted to oil and transferred to BC.

5800 in Montreal transfer service October 20, 1939. CPR 10/1919 Bud Laws Collection

5800 now equipped with large tender in yard service. Alyth June 1956
Peter Cox/Bud Laws Collection

5800 in helper service (note marker lamps on pilot). Revelstoke June 1951
Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

5801 in yard service Montreal 11/8/1939 Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5801 with crew posing. Hochelaga.

5801 at Revelstoke June 1950. Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

Here is S2a 5802 (with small 5,000 gallon 12 ton coal tender) working a Lead job switching Hochelaga Yard.
CPR 11/1919 Bud Laws Collection

5802 freshly outshopped converted to oil-firing with road pilot. Calgary July 1949
Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

Great action shot of 5802 assisting 5439 on Second 8 at Yoho, BC 9/1951
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection.

5802 assisting 5932 around photogenic curve Yoho 9/1951 Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5803 assisting 5924 eastbound at Field, 7/15/1939 Note the tour bus in left background.
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5803 fresh out of Weston Shops in Winnipeg 7/1948
Stan F. Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

5804 at Revelstoke October 12, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5804 assisting 3669 (unusual choice for road engine on passenger) First 4, Revelstoke 9/20/1939
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5805 with 3000 gallons oil (others were 14 ton coal) and 8000 gals. water tender. CPR 1/1920
Revelstoke September 20, 1938 Wm. E. Paul/Bruce Chapman Collection

5805 assisting 5921 on Second 4 leaving Revelstoke 9/20/1939.
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5806 at Notch Hill, BC March 12, 1942 Bud Laws Collection

5806 freshly outshopped Ogden with small tender equipped for yard service. 5/2/1954
L.A.Stuckey/Bud Laws Collection

5807 and a sister 5800 at Notch Hill, BC August 3, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5807 assisting a P2 class 5400 at Revelstoke September 1951 Bud Laws Collection

5808 taking water at Revelstoke. Stan F. Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

5809 assisting Extra 5934 at Field, BC July 29, 1953 Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

5810 brand new! CPR 5/1920

5810 assisting a 5900 around the curve Yoho, BC June 1943
Peter Cox/Bruce Chapman Collection

5811 assisting 5933 eastbound at Field, BC April 1949 Bud Laws Collection

5811 assisting (Field to Lake Louise) 592x on eastbound passenger approaching Lake Louise (M.116.6) passing signal 1171 at Mileage 117 Laggan Subdivision which looks to have been newly installed. G.C.Corey/Bruce Chapman Collection

General Railway Signal equipped the line with these searchlight type signals replacing semaphores.
GRS commissioned a series of photographs to document their work.

5812 assisting 5925 Field, BC 7/1939 Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

5812 fresh out of the Weston mainshop in Winnipeg May 3, 1947 Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

Coal-fired 5813 (CPR 6/1920) at Field August 12, 1939. Cluttered looking front end with old oil classification lights with shields converted to electric, old style headlight with attached illuminated number light and metal number board beneath it. Closeup view of front end. Bruce Chapman Collection



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