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Worthington Feedwater Heater

The purpose of a feed water heater was to preheat the water before it is fed into the boiler. This improved the steam locomotive's performance. Worthington made two types of boiler feedpumps/feedwater heater for steam locomotives.

The CPR equipped two engines with Worthington FWH G1 class 2212 on Eastern Lines and G2 class 2592 on Western Lines, both Pacific type 4-6-2's as a test for the upcoming new G5 class 4-6-2's. Only two were built with Worthington FWH 1200 on Western Lines and 1201 on Western Lines. Later that year (1944) 20 G3 class 4-6-2's (2418-2437) were built by CLC in Kingston with Worthington's. The majority of newer CPR steam locomotives were equipped with Elesco FWH's.


G1s 2212 only G1 with Worthington feedwater heater. Feedwater pump is located behind shield on front of engine.
CPR 12/1907. Rebuilt with vestibule cab and new larger tender.
Rebuilt 12/1924 with new boiler 250 lbs. pressure and 20" x 28" cylinders.
Looks like fresh out of Angus Shops. CPR M.P. 938/Bruce Chapman Collection

2592 only G2 with distinct Worthington feedwater heater on a short train including lightweight mail and express car.
CPR 5/1910 Rebuilt 11/1930 Cyl. 20" x 28" new boiler 250 lbs.
Douglas, Manitoba 5/11/1942 Ernie Plant/Bruce Chapman Collection

1200 and 2433 both equipped with Worthington FWH. Brandon, Manitoba 3/20/1955 Bruce Chapman Collection

Heading a fast time freight No. 2424 is seen speeding through Cobourg in May 1954. J.Walder/J.Riddell collection

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