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The Alouette


The CPR/B&M joint Montreal-Boston day Alouettes and overnight Red Wings both originally used the Boston & Maine White Mountains Division from Wells River, Vermont via Woodville-Plymouth-Laconia and Concord to Boston. This was changed by 1932 to operate the Red Wing down the Passumpsic Division (the original name of the Connecticut River Valley line between Wells River and White River Junction, Vermont. Thence via the New Hampshire Division White River Junction-Concord and on to Boston). The Allouette continued to operate on the Plymouth branch from Wells River Vt/Woodsville NH to Boston until October 30, 1954. The line was severed as a through route with abandonment October 31, 1954 of 37 miles between Blackmount and Plymouth. Afterwards, The Alouette shifted to operate up and down the Connecticut River line from Wells River to White River Junction instead of cutting the corner and going south-east on the Plymouth branch. B&M assigned their P2 class Pacifics to these trains.

E5 class 2118 looking immaculate! Woodsville, New Hampshire. July 1932 Bruce Chapman Collection

G1 2203 in Boston 1940. Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note: In the 1950's this engine would be assigned to Lambton.

2210 The Alouette northbound at Laconia, NH 10/1945
Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

The GPEX milk tank car on the headhead is an empty on its way back to White Bros. in Vermont. This dairy only leased two cars so the B&M expedited the return of their empty each day in order to make the turnaround. This is followed by a B&M mail (15' apartment)-express combine, a CPR baggage-smoker, a coach (possibly a B&M 'American Flyer' lightweight car on this date although CPR heavyweight cars were perhaps more common), and of course the signature CPR buffet-parlor-observation car. A classic consist of this train at the time. John Horvath

2218 with the Alouette leaving Montreal West. 1947 E.A.Toohey/CRHA Archives

No. 211 engine 2237 with The Alouette consisting of 4 cars bound for Montreal.
St.Johnsbury, Vermont. 4/20/1948 Bud Laws Collection




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