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Canadian Pacific Railway

4-4-2 Atlantic type

Rare engine, rare roundhouse! Atlantic type 209 at the seldom-photographed Mountain Street roundhouse next to
Windsor Station in Montreal. It was demolished in December 1907 after the Glen roundhouse opened in May 1906.
Looks like a labourer is shovelling ashes. Note the old style switch lamp. 1904. Kevin Day Collection

CPR 209 first of only three 4-4-2 Atlantic type locomotives. Built as Vauclain compounds and rebuilt 1909-10 into simples.
Cylinders 13 1/2" and 23" x 26" (simple: 20" x 26") Drv. 84" (highest ever on CPR) CPNS #1295 7/1899
Became 9/1913 F1a class 2150 retired 6/1917. Note: All three boilers went to Hochelaga roundhouse for shop heating.

Specially designed for high-speed passenger service between Montreal and Ottawa in competition with the
Canada Atlantic which also used high-drivered Atlantics.
Shown here near Westmount station circa 1900.
Both photos: Canadian Pacific.

210 crossing bridge 1907. One of only three 4-4-2's.
Note man fishing. "Train? What train?"




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