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Canadian Pacific Railway

0-6-6-0 articulated

R1 class 1950-1955

2-10-0 Decapod

R2 class 5750-5755 (6 engines)
R3 class 5756-5790 (35 engines)

Very impressive looking 1950 with crew posing. Likely at Field, BC in 1910.
James A. Brown Collection

Note the moveable (air operated) stack extension that was used to deflect exhaust in tunnels to stop debris falling onto cab.

1950 with a large group of men and one little person! Note the shutter on the headlight. This is a pre-electric light either carbide or oil neither of which could be dimmed, thus the shutter. Dale Wilson Collection


5750 built CPR Angus 10/1909 (ex 1950 Re# 9/1912) in a rare photo before rebuilt 7/1916 into a 2-10-0.
Note the many modification along the boiler top and side also curved box on top of smokebox is a sand box for lead engine.

R1a Cylinders 23 1/4" and 34" x 26 stroke. Drivers 58" Pressure 200 lbs. 57,400 lbs. tractive effort.
R1b Cylinders 23" x 26" other specifications the same
R1c Cylinders 20" x 26" (simple) other specifications the same

1950 first of six R1 0-6-6-0 articulated engines built especially for pushing on the Big Hill out of Field, BC. Five were Mallet compounds while the last was a simple articulated. 1950 was rated at 660 tons up the 2.2% Field Hill eastward to Stephen compared to 424 tons for the M4 class 2-8-0's being used at the time.

Unique in that they were the only articulated engines built with cylinders head-to-head between the two frames. The purpose of which was to shorten the drypipes and exhaust pipes connecting the lead unit and thus reduce condensation between high and low pressure cylinders. The box on top of the boiler gave access to the verticle superheater header suspended between the two halves of the boiler. They were also the only articulated locomotives in Canada other than a Vancouver Island logging engine. Built by Angus Shops 10/1909 it was later rebuilt into a 2-10-0 as were all of the other 0-6-6-0's due to high cost for running repairs with no advantage being articulated.

Two detailed 1910 articles about 1950.

1955 simple mallet

1955 the only simple (non-compound) articulated 0-6-6-0 testing Angus Shops October 1911. Canadian Pacific

American Engineer July 1912 detailed article about 1955.

Canadian Machinery brief article 1955

R2 class rebuilt by Angus shops from R1 class 0-6-6-0

Cyl. 23 1/2" x 32" Drv. 58" Press. 200 t.e. 52% tender 12 tons coal 5000 gallons water.

R2a 5750 only engine of this sub-class it was the first 2-10-0. Rebuilt 7/1916 by Angus Shops from 0-6-6-0 5750
St.Luc 5/31/1957 Bud Laws Collection

R2b 5751 rebuilt 11/1916 by Angus. Montreal October 1955 Bud Laws Collection

5752 brand new rebuild. CPR 6/1911

5754 on the table at St.Luc roundhouse. September 1, 1956 Jack Swanberg

5754 with another 5750 hidden behind. St.Luc 9/01/1955 Bud Laws Collection

5754 (last of four R2b) on a miserable, cold morning at Bay Shore yard, St. John, NB. was switching the yard as a bitter Fundy fog hung near in the harbour. January 2,1959 Robert J. Sandusky

R2c 5755 undated St.Luc Frank Law Collection
Only engine of this sub-class it was the last engine rebuilt (1/1917) from the only non-compound 0-6-6-0 1955

Another view of 5755 in Montreal undated. Bud Laws Collection


All six of these engines spent their lives in terminal transfer service in Toronto, Montreal, McAdam and Saint John.

R3 Class 2-10-0 Decapod
5756 - 5790 (35) CPR 1917-19
Cyl. 24" x 32" Drv. 58" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 54%
All built as oil-fired.

R3a 5756 (585 behind) CPR 5/1917 Revelstoke June 13,1940 Bud Laws Collection

5756 with small second headlight for yard service. Revelstoke July 1943 Bud Laws Collection

5757 last R3a (CPR 6/1917) looking fresh at Penticton, undated. Bud Laws Collection

R3b 5759 (CPR 9/1917) with wood mountain pilot. Kamloops October 11,1941 Bud Laws Collection

5759 in yard service. Winnipeg August 21,1956 Bud Laws Collection

5760 Freshly outshopped and dead with rods off. Equipped with wood mountain pilot. Note old style class lights.
Revelstoke October 12,1940 Bud Laws Collection

5760 still at Revelstoke about 10-15 years later. Note the changed class lights, illuminated number board and boiler tube pilot. Bud Laws Collection

5761 on the table at Kamloops 3/12/1942 Bud Laws Collection

5761 Drake Street (Vancouver) May 1947 Bud Laws Collection

Here is 5761 some years later equipped for yard service with footboards, special headlight to reduce glare and small tender.
Revelstoke 9/1951 Bruce Chapman Collection

5761 a few more years on and it has a big tender and pilot again. Neither change was that difficult.
Minnedosa, Manitoba June 16,1955 Bud Laws Collection

Two views of 5761 assisting on the rear of a freight leaving Minnedosa, Manitoba. July 4,1955
L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

While many people think of the prairies as being flat that is not the truth. There were many places requring assist engines to help freight trains up grades in the steam era. Minnedosa was in a saucer, requiring helpers in both directions.


Last R3b 5762 CPR January 1918. Yard service Moose Jaw Tuesday, September 8, 1959 Robert Trennert
Apparently the tender has been incorrectly stencilled at only 1850 gallons of oil rather than the official 2800 gallons.
Water 7800 gallons.

5763 (R3c 5763-5780 18 engines) CPR 1/1918 Note high mounted headlight and oil class lights electrified.
Converted to coal with small tender for yard service cut down to bottom of cab window to improve rear view.
Winnipeg August 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5766 Note how this style road tender obstructs view to the rear when switching.
Kamloops September 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5766 on westbound passenger train complete with large pilot plow needed for mountain winter conditions. 1927

5771 with old style headlight, slanted illuminated number boards. Revelstoke June 13,1940 Bud Laws Collection

5772 Vancouver December 1939 J.Schick/Bud Laws Collection

5775 Kamloops October 11,1941 Bud Laws Collection

5777 assisting a G4 class engine. Tappen, BC August 3,1940 Bud Laws Collection

5779 with very small yard headlight. Revelstoke October 12,1940 Bud Laws Collection

5779 somewhere in Alberta circa June 1945.

5781 waiting for a call to duty. Notch Hill, BC March 12,1942. Bud Laws Collection
Sister 5785 sits behind (see photo below same day).

5781 (R3d 5781-5790 10 engines) CPR 6/1918 Minnedosa, Manitoba June 14,1959
Howard W. Ameling/Bud Laws Collection

Extra 5782 with footboards and old style headlight and illuminated number boards. August 1948
Equipped with small 5,000 gallon 12 ton coal tender. Oil-fired engines had 7,800 gals. water 2,800 gals. oil.

5782 assisting No.978 engine 2363 in a traditional manner. Minnedosa, Man. 7/21/1953
Lawrence Stuckey/George Parks Collection

5782 pushing on the rear in another manner of assisting a freight train. Note markers on rear of tender as well as caboose.

5782 assisting in a much less traditional manner shoving backwards.
Minnedosa being in a saucer trains were assisted in both directions.

5783 getting ready to leave Kamloops, BC October 12,1941 Bud Laws Collection

5785 sitting next to sister 5781 (see photo above same day) March 12,1942. Bud Laws Collection

5786 Kamloops March 12,1942 Bud Laws Collection

5786 Revelstoke June 23, 1950 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

Second to last R3d 5789 CPR 2/1919 Tender 5,000 gals. 12 tons coal. Note footboards for yard service.
Minnedosa 9/1950 Howard Davis/Bud Laws Collection


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