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Canadian Pacific Railway

F1 and F2 class 4-4-4 Jubilee

Named for the Jubilee (50th. anniversary) of transcontinental passenger service this wheel arrangement was quite rare the CPR being the only railway in Canada to have it. In the US only two were built, the 4-4-2 Atlantic being preferred for light, fast passenger trains. The CPR used them on light, fast passenger trains, branchline passenger and freight trains across the system. The earlier Jubilees were the famed F2 class 3000's that hauled lightweight passenger equipment newly designed and built to modernize service. There were only five of these stoker-equipped engines with 80 inch diameter drivers and 300 pounds per square inch boiler pressure. Top speed: 112 1/2 mph! Two were assigned to Montreal-Quebec City service, two more to Toronto-Windsor and a single one (3001), oil-fired, to Calgary-Edmonton. These were true high-speed mainline engines while the 20 newer F2 class 2910-2929 were mostly hand-fired coal burners (except 2915 and 2918 oil-fired) with 75' drivers meant for light dual service. Note: These engines would have been numbered 2900-2919 except for the two I1a class 4-8-2's 2900 and 2901.

3003 speed record 112 1/2 mph!

F2a 3000-3004 17 1/4" x 28 cy. 80" drv. 300 lbs.26,600 t.e. 12 tons 7000 gals. MLW 68722-6 8/1936

Lots of people are admiring this modern streamlined passenger locomotive on display for them.
Caption and date unknown. Positive slide. Old Time Trains Archives.

F2 3001 Chinook the only named Jubilee (or any other modern CPR steam engine). Named for the train it hauled between Calgary and Edmonton. 1942 L.A.Stuckey/Ken MacDonald Joseph Testagrose Collection.

Note the different pilot (same as a 2900) also lack of streamlined shrouding due to the large number of level crossing collisions.

3001 in snow at Brandon 2/09/1942 L.A.Stuckey/Bud Laws Collection

F2a 3002 Cyl. 17 1/4" x 28" Drv. 80" Press. 300 lbs. 26,600 t.e. 12 tons 7000 gals.
MLW 68724 8/1936 Montreal Locomotive Works

3002 used on the Bullet, London businessmen's fast train to and from Toronto, at John Street. Frank Law Collection

Near-new 3003 ready to depart Place Viger Station in Montreal for Quebec City. Canadian Pacific Railway

3003 bound for Quebec City. Montreal West c. late 1950's. A.B.Crompton

3003 taking water on the shop track at the Glen. Note Delaware & Hudson tender at far right.

Another view of 3003 on the Glen shop track. Four photographs mid-1950's

3003 running light to Windsor station.

3003 with evening train at Montreal West bound for Quebec City.

Above four photographs: C. Robert Craig Memorial Library

F2 class 4-4-4 with matching consist of lightweight passenger equipment leaving Place Viger station in Montreal.

3004 brand new!

3004 at Quebec City in early years. Bud Laws Collection

3004 in later years without stack cowl and front coupler cover. Bud Laws Collection

3004 Montreal April 20,1954 Bud Laws Collection

F1a Jubilee

2910-2929 Cyl. 16 1/2" x 28" Drv. 75" Press. 300 lbs. 25,900 t.e. (26%) 12 tons, 7700 gals. Canadian Locomotive Co.

F1a without its shrouding shows how small a diameter of boiler these engines have and what is hidden beneath.
Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

2910 First F1 class 4-4-4 still with streamlined stack cowl. CLC 1924 11/1937
Winnipeg September 1946 Bud Laws Collection

2910 no longer has the stack cowl but does still have teardrop class lights. Brandon August 20, 1955
Frank Law Collection

Official CPR photograph when new. CPR/Steve Morris Collection

Builder's photo with spec sheet for Motive Power Dept. Steve Morris Collection

2911 during servicing at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. 3/06/1946
Francis Gschwind/Bud Laws Collection

A rather dirty 2911 sits at Virden, MB June 1955 Bud Laws Collection

2911 the only known Jubilee painted in freight colours. c.1957 Bruce Chapman Collection

F1a 2913 . CLC 1927 12/37 Brandon 10-22-38 Joe Boreski/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note the stack extension and cowling with built-in illuminated number boards also, the teardrop style classification lights. The stack extension was a Western Lines feature to improve smoke deflection which was especially bad at speed with light tonnage. The cowling was later removed as it was on the newer 2800's; so too were the teardrops done away with on all early semi-streamlined engines. Only a single order for 20 engines (2910-2929) were built by Canadian Locomotive Company. Modern in every aspect save for one; they were hand-fired! Two were preserved, 2928 at Delson (CRM Exporail) and 2929 at Steamtown. Sadly, none of the 3000's were saved due to a misunderstanding whereby Angus and Ogden each thought the other was saving one! Ogden was supposed to save the oil-burning 3001 used on the Chinook.

No. 137 engine 2914 at Kemnay, Manitoba just west of Brandon where the Estevan Subdivision leaves the double track Broadview Subdivision. Train sits at the platform behind the station at the end of the west to south curve.
Only passenger trains on the branch were Nos. 137 and 138 operating between Brandon and Estevan daily except Sunday.
September 1943 Bud Laws Collection

Memories of Riding Behind a Jubilee

2915 all coaled up and ready to go. Moose Jaw. August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

2918 at Winnipeg. Dated JUNE 1947! I know they get lots of snow but this is clearly the wrong date. January?
Bud Laws Collection

2919 all coaled up. Brandon September 23, 1948
Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

2919 sitting on its train in Regina. August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

With bell clanging, 2920 sits at the siding switch just west of the station, Outlook, Sask. after coaling.
Waiting to return to its passenger train. Photo May 23,1953, by Jim Biss.

2920 with passenger train leaving the station, Outlook, Sask.,
4:20 pm May 23, 1953, headed westerly for Macklin, Sask. Photo by Jim Biss.

Looking pretty sharp! Assigned to Moose Jaw in 1958.

2921 all coaled up. Regina August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

2922 Brandon April 1, 1946 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

2922 stack cowl is gone. Edmonton June 1949 Bud Laws Collection

2923 without stack cowl. Swift Current August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

2924 getting underway with a lengthy train.

2926 lasted until the end of steam. McAdam 12/28/1959 James A. Brown

2926 is light enough to switch the pier at St.Andrews.

2926 without stack cowl and with new beaver emblem on cab. Mc.Adam, NB June 1953 Bud Laws Collection

2927 working up grade from Windsor Station approaching Westmount with No. 35 to Toronto via Havelock with a short train consisting of an RPO mail car, combine, two coaches and an old wooden baggage and express car on the tailend to be setoff at Sharbot Lake for a mixed train on the old K&P. Circa late 1930's. Canadian Pacific/Steve Morris Collection

The Park Avenue Sub. was double track but the bridge was a single track bridge spanning the so-called "Back River"
(Riviere des Prairies) between the Island of Montreal at Bordeaux and the Island of Laval at Laval-Des-Rapides.

Two views of 2927 coming off gauntlet track with Train # 427 "The Bytown Breeze" Saturday only via Lachute at Westmount on April 7, 1951. This was an Ottawa-based engine at the time and had double-headed Train # 504 from Ottawa to Montreal the evening before. It was traditional to work the second engine back to Ottawa on # 427 the next day as seen here.

Ronald S. Ritchie

2927 arrived on the shop track Ottawa West. c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

This Jubilee was used on about as diverse a variety of passenger trains imaginable. It regularly handled the Ottawa-Maniwaki branch passenger with three wooden cars. It frequently doubleheaded (see below) No. 559 the Ottawa-Brockville Pool train on Fridays and Sundays. The most unique train it handled in the 1940's and 50's was the "Parliamentary Special" a late Friday night four-car train from Ottawa to Montreal with a through sleeper for Quebec City. Only Parliamentarians could ride this train and they all had passes!

2927 and 2200 doubleheading Number 559 the Ottawa-Smiths Falls-Brockville Pool train passing Ottawa West roundhouse. Although not a big train (7-10 cars), on Fridays and Sundays it was doubleheaded due to the difficult Nepean hill grade in both directions on a light branchline prohibiting heavier engines. This line, the Brockville Subdivision was built on a big swamp! What is also unusual is the fact 2927 (built 2/1938) is hand-fired while the much older (4/1906) G1 class 2200 was equipped with a stoker around the time of this photograph. c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

2929 with short local passenger. Fredericton, NB 9/26/1952 Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2929 in a cold winter scene Fredericton January 1, 1954 Walter Pfefferle Collection

2929 last of the 4-4-4's. CLC #1943 3/1938 C.Elgee and Stillman Brown
Fredericton, NB 4/8/1954 Walter Pfefferle Collection

Don't let anyone tell you a Jubilee couldn't pull much! More common on the prairies freight here we see Extra 2929 West bound for Smiths Falls with 60 cars! Might have been slippery getting underway but she made it.
Dorval, Quebec April 5, 1958 Ron Ritchie/Ron Visockis digital restoration

2929 at the Glen. 8/29/1958 Wm.Raia/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2929 at The Glen in 1958. Bud Laws Collection


2928 preserved at Canadian Railway Museum in Delson. 8/10/1974

2929 on the table at Riverside, Steamtown, Bellows Falls, Vermont. 10/24/1981

This locomotive was one on the many collected by F.Nelson Blount for his Steamtown USA in Vermont.
Summer 1963. It never operated. Bud Laws Collection

Now at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA for many years in a sad state of neglect.


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