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Dominion Atlantic

Leased January 1, 1912 to CPR for 999 years.

Partial roster

4-6-2 2552 G2 CPR 3/1909 4-6-0 999 D10 MLW 50973 5/1912 D6d 544 Saxon (Germany) 2831 11/1903
Non-CPR standard 4-6-0 32 Baldwin 31847 10/1907and 4-4-0 25 Baldwin 18815 3/1901

Two scheduled DAR westbounds are connecting at Windsor, Nova Scotia. The 2501 would be the Mixed No. 11 off the Midland from Truro. It died at Windsor. No. 15 the Halifax to Yarmouth RDC Dayliner.
This is a mid-summer August 1956 to 1958 photo. Note: 2501 was transferred to DAR 7/1958.
Caption: Wendell Lemon


There's a lot of activity on the CPR wharf in Digby, N.S. as the Princess Helene has arrived and passengers and automobiles disembark. It is a hot summer day as passengers hang out the windows on the old wood coaches. I can't however make out the number of G2 class engine. In the back is a mid-1950s Jaguar Saloon preparing to take it wealthy owners probably
to the Digby Pines Hotel. A CPR hotel, it was very popular as a tourist destination much like The Algonquin
in St. Andrews NB. Meanwhile in the forground "junior" isn't met by anyone it seems and he has to
hoof it with his bag in hand. Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

G2s 2551 ex CP 2551 ex M&A 2551

The following three photographs were taken one morning early in August, 1958, at Rockingham, NS, the location of CN's general freight yard on the shores of Bedford Basin, at the north end of the city of Halifax. My notes from the time say that the train was DAR M-26. It is shown arriving and heading for the CN interchange, and then (the final image) sitting at the platform of Rockingham station with only the baggage/express car and caboose left, as it readies to depart for Halifax Station, at Ocean Terminals. Although indicated as a mixed train the rare passenger would have ridden in the caboose. Ian Mac Donald

Note the old style slanted illuminated numberboards. Very rare at this late date. Still with open cab.

CPR 2629 with passenger train at Yarmouth, 7/26/1958 John McIntosh/Jon Archibald Collection

G2r 2526 and wood truss rod mail car. Windsor 1949 John McIntosh/Jon Archibald Collection
Note the old wood fruit express car 4626 on next track. This was one of a handful still on the roster.
A 60' wood truss rod car built in 1906 it was later upgraded with steel center sills and steel end reinforcements.

CPR 2617 crossing the Bare River in the mid-1950's. John McIntosh/Jon Archibald Collection

2209 putting on a good show while running on the CNR from Halifax. 12/17/1958 L.B.Chapman Collection
This was the only G1 class engine assigned to the DAR for a while. Its 75 inch drivers were high compared to G2's with 70".

8138 with Mixed train and 2209 with regular passenger CNR Halifax 5/1959 L.B.Chapman Collection

Pacific 2552, Ten-wheelers 999, 544 and 32. 4-4-0 25 in a great photo line-up. Kentville Yard 1937
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

G2 2501 and G1 2209 L.B.Chapman Collection

D4g 470 acq. 1940 Only D4g on DAR. MLW 50462 1/1912
Kentville, Nova Scotia 2/1948 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection
Note: After 1937 locomotives carried Dominion Atlantic lettering. It is unknown why 470 still has Canadian Pacific lettering however, it is known that a number of engines only leased or loaned to DAR were incorrectly lettered DAR.

D6d 552 Subercase Saxon (Germany) 2839 1/1904 Retired 12/1939
Jon Archibald Collection

D6d 555 acq. 5/1937 Saxon Locomotive Building Co. Chemnitz, Germany # 2842 2/1904
Kentville, Nova Scotia 3/30/1946 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection

DAR 999 D10h MLW 50973 5/1912 Truro 3/1946 L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection
This was a Dominion Atlantic Railway engine between 5/1937 and 7/1953.
Before it left the DAR it got another tender, one with the familiar rear rounded corners. (see below)
It later became a Lambton engine.

Kentville undated Stan F. Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection.

1020 Quebec 9/1957 A.B.Crompton

D10h acq. 1956 MLW 52063 12/1912 Truro 9/29/1956 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection

D10h 1111 last of hundreds of D10's. It became a DAR engine 1/1954. CLC #1147 12/1913
Like other engines in later years it did not get relettered for DAR.
Note the slanted front illuminated number boards, a rarity at this late date.

2516 with special train for the Right Honourable Vincent Massey, Governor General.
Digby June 28,1956 J. Marjoriebanks/Bruce Chapman collection

G2s 2552 acq. 5/1937 to CPR 7/1947 CPR 3/1909 Still with open cab.
Truro 6/22/1944 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection
Note: This engine had once been Montreal & Atlantic 2552 until 1932.

G2u CPR 2665 CPR 6/1914 Leased/loaned to DAR.
Truro 10/16/1954 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection

U3d 6227 acq. 1939 replacing 6189. Kentville 3/30/1946 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection
This was the last CPR non-superheated steam engine. Retired 2/1957.

32 BLOMIDON Cyl. 19" x 24" Drv. 60" Baldwin 31847 10/1907 (scrapped 1941) Kentville Doug Phillips Collection

18 DIGBY with Flying Bluenose Limited near Kentville in 1896.



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