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Canadian Pacific Railway

Drake Street power

8008 on the table with lots of diesels in the background. Not one steam engine in sight. 1958 Andy Cassidy

7066 second of only 11 units 7065-7075) Baldwin DS4-4-1000 BLW 73943 - CLC 2520 9/1948
1972 Philip Mason

8009 one of 13 units 8000-8012 DRS4-4-1000 BLW 73976 - CLC 2539 12/1948
1972 Philip Mason

8520 GP9 1750 hp S.G. equipped GMD A-718 12/1954 1972 Philip Mason

3716 sitting all forlorn in the weeds uncertain of what lay ahead. Fame! 1972 Philip Mason

BC Hydro Extra 907 (with 905 trailing) two of their unique SW900RS units. GMD A1478 4/1958
They used this yard to interchange traffic to the CP, via a trestle over
False Creek that connected to the Marpole Spur. 1972 Philip Mason

G2 2548 with open cab and large tender. 1932

reverse of print

G4 class 2700 oil-fired. 1932

reverse of print

All photographs Leif Sorensen Collection unless otherwise credited.

Baldwin yard engines everywhere! All new in original paint scheme. 7070 and 7069 at left. 7065 and two others in middle. Another hidden by a cut of cars on the scales at right in N Yard. 1948.

2860 back when it was just another "2800". Seen here with the Vancouver transfer in May 1956. J.F.Orem
Famed Canadian Pacific B-C Pier in the background.

Note: Only the H1e sub-class 2860-2864 (last Royal Hudsons) built MLW June 1940 were built new as oil-fired.

1418_19xx and 2862 share shop tracks in 1956.

2863 crossing Smythe Street (east end of Drake Street terminal) 1953.

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