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Hy-Rail Equipment

HighwaY-RAILway is the correct designation originally given to the new breed of inspection cars that came along in the 1950's. Equipped with a moveable set of wheels made by Fairmont, one of the biggest makers of track motor cars, they were a major improvement since they could easily change from rail to highway for greater flexibility. While early inspection cars were used only by higher ranking officials, the hy-rail equipped vehicles also replaced track motor cars "jiggers" used by sectionmen and took on new duties. In later years, trucks of all types, larger and heavier were developed, some big enough to haul freight cars and thus replace costlier work trains. This was all part of the mechanization of track work and other maintenance.

CP 62 an International Harvester Travelall. Ontaro license plate 1973. Bunkhouse in background. Smiths Falls

ONR M72 a Checker sedan more commonly used as a taxi in USA. Phil Mason

This beautifully restored Hy-Rail vehicle is a 1958 Pontiac station wagon ex Central Vermont 26.
In the collection of the Bytown Railway Society. It came from Canadian National in 1967.
Ottawa August 27, 2003 Matt Cummins

New York Central 3383 at Courtright, Ontario c.1955 The Sirman Collection

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