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Northern Alberta

204_209 GP9 GMD A1418 12/1957 and A1540 6/1958
Westlock Sub. Edmonton July 15, 1978.

This scene shows the relationship between CNR and CPR which owned NAR 50/50.
NAR 301 short nose forward CNR 1068 (on lease/loan) long nose forward and NAR 304.
CPR 8102 one of three SW1200RS (8100-8102) equipped with controls to operate steam generator cars on NAR.
Dunvegan, Alberta 6/25/1961 Peter Cox

311 acq. 1/62 (ex CN 1072) unique GMD-1 Canada-only model. 1200 hp A-1-A GMD A1887 4/60
Edmonton 8/01/1977 Sam Beck Collection

Note: CNR was the only other road to order this model. Only NAR's units were set up for short nose forward.


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