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Ontario Northland

Rolling stock

Passenger equipment

Note: Equipment originally lettered Ontario Government Railway.
Later, Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway.
1946 renamed Ontario Northland Railway.

T&NO ONTARIO business car. Pullman SUF 11/1914 J.M.LaBoda Collection
Renamed Temagami 1946, re# 200 1951. Sold 5/15/1972 ORA.

T&NO 4 wood coach with a group posing for the photographer. J.M.LaBoda Collection
64 seat gas light 63' 10" Built 11/1904

T&NO 102 Mail (RPO) & Baggage. 60 foot Built June 1914

T&NO 210 Moosonee. Business car. 70 foot. Preston Car & Coach September 1910 Rebuilt NSC 1927

Note: This was the first all-steel passenger car built in Canada.
First named Sir James (James Whitney, Premier of Ontario) Ontario Government Railway.
Renamed 1918 Whitney, 1946 renumbered 210 (no name). Renamed 1951 Moosonee (no number).
Renumbered 1626 November 1965 Boarding car. Used as dormitory at Moosonee for girls working
on Polar Bear train restaurant car Meechim. Sold February 1967 Andrew Merrilees Ltd. Sir James.
Resold xxxx James Conklin for Conklin and Garrett Shows still-born carnival museum train.
This car and Isabella (ex VIA/CN 24 duplex roomette sleeper) were scrapped 1991 at CNE grounds in Toronto.

T&NO 602 Coach 80 seats 80 foot Pullman June 1914

T&NO Goldland Cafe-Parlor 18 seats dining 16 seats lounge. Built September 1911 Rebuilt 1937

AGUMIK Restaurant Car was saved for preservation which never took place.
It deteriorated to the point it became too much of a project and was scrapped.
SUF CC&F 9/1911 Rebuilt T&NO 9/1940 Retired 9/1968


Coach 801 (801-806) in the new "stylized rivers of the north." paint scheme. 80 foot 63 seats NSC 1936
Moosonee 7/1981 Clayton Langstaff

802 in old green paint scheme. 80 foot 63 seats NSC 1936
Moosonee 7/1981 Clayton Langstaff

Lunch counter car Meechim 24 seats (ex Detroit & Mackinac nee U.S. Army hospital car ACF 1944)
Note: rebuilt 7/1960 by ONR with stainless steel siding. MAC

New program of rebuilt cars for Polar Bear train.

650 first coach rebuilt by ONR.


Interior view reveals modern seats.

651 second car in series.

653 brand new Cochrane March 30, 2018


660 first new car with handicap capabilities.


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