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Temiskaming and Northern Ontario
Ontario Northland

All photos Jim Parker Collection unless otherwise credited.

101 at Cochrane. A.C.Kalmbach

102 in the 1940's.

200 one of several Ten-Wheelers that were the mainstay of the T&NO in its early years.

Cochrane yard engine 204 switching mixed train in the 1940's.

Big power was ONR 310 first of last seven 2-8-2's complete with vestibule cab. Englehart 1952
Cyl. 25" x 30" Drv. 63" Press. 200 lbs. CLC #1740 1923

314 (see below) digitally colourized Steve Woolfrey

314 North Bay (diesel shop behind) 1950's

700 after modifications including streamlining and larger tender. Built with Young valve gear changed to Baker.
200 lbs. 69" drivers. 37% t.e. (with booster 47%) CLC #1692 1921 North Bay 1940's

701 with lettering for first and last runs of steam. June 25, 1957 Photographer unknown


701 relettered back as T&NO. The only steam locomotive preserved. On display in Englehart. Mahew

854 Cyl 19" x 26" Drv. 51" Press. 180 lbs. tender 8 tons 4500 gals. CLC 1909
Sold 1941 Abitibi Power & Paper Co. 60

900 one of two 0-8-0's a big improvement over small 0-6-0's. Note the vestibule cab rare for switch engines.
Young valve gear. Cyl. 23" x 28" Drv. 53" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 42,570 MLW #62498 1920
900 was assigned to North Bay yard and 901 to Englehart yard.
With arrival of three Alco S-2 diesels 900 was transferred to Cochrane and 901 became a spare engine at North Bay.

1100 one of four 4-8-4's Cyl. 22 1/2" x 30" Press. 275 lbs. Drv. 69" Tractive effort 54,500 (64,950 with booster)
Note horn below front number board. CLC #1919 Blt.1936. Two photos North Bay 1940's

A line of dead engines indicates its all over on one of the earliest roads to dieselize. North Bay 1950's

ONR operated a steam train as a Centennial (1967) project using a CNR locomotive acquired for that purpose.
It continued operating at varous times until making its last run in August of 1972.

"T&NO 137" (ex CNR/CNoR 2164) 2-8-0 CLC 1157 5/1913
Displayed with CNR baggage car, coach and two vans as well as CPR coach.
Cochrane Railway and Pioneer Museum, Cochrane. August 3, 2009

Note: The two vans were fire damaged in 2011 and both scrapped.



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