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1301 and another RS-3 passing the station. Note red signal right background. Mile board 26 at left.

Digital restoration three photos Walter Pfefferle.

1300 and likely 1301 passing station. Note order board is "on" for this train.

1509 with local passenger train. Note truck on street in background. Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

1300 in 1950's scene unknown location.

1986 with Northlander on CN Newmarket Sub. nearing ON/CN station. July 25, 1989

1987 just west of TTR John Street tower passing endless new high rise construction in downtown Toronto. 3/23/1982



ONR 113 (North Bay to Englehart freight) is running late allowing for this photo as it passes the old Right-of-Way silver mine during mid morning in Cobalt, ON. ONR GP38-2's # 1800, 1805 & 1808 along with SD40-2 1733. July 26, 1989

1508_1502 elephant style with the Northland overnight train with a CN section from Cochrane and a Timmins section.
Southbound in the Don Valley about ten minutes from Toronto Union Station. May 17, 1979



2000 (ex 1502 FP7 ) GMD A176 3/1951 Ready to leave North Bay for Toronto over CN.
Note: B unit is actually an EGU (APU). September 17, 1996 Jack D. Kuiphoff

One of three units 1502, 1509, 1521 re-engined 1994-1996-1997 Caterpillar 3516 2075 HP

No. 121 the northbound Northlander approaches the John Street crossing as it rolls through North Bay on the CN Newmarket Sub on its way to the VIA-CN station. In order to continue north on ONR rails the train will reverse back on these tracks a short distance to reach the ONR connection. Three photos: July 28, 1989 John Sesonske

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon in North Bay as the northbound Northlander crosses Ferguson Street as people go about their routines. The train is backing down the CN Newmarket Subdivision after making the North Bay station stop.
At the CN-ONR diamond the train will get on the ONR and head for Cochrane with the 1987 leading.

The Northlander begins its northbound journey on ONR rails after coming off the CN Newmarket Sub at this junction. FP7Am powered European TEE trainset. Note the location sign for Staffend which is mile 0.6 in the ONR Employee Timetable. ONR yard and shops are just behind and to the right of where the photographer is standing.

1507-1305-1511 with freight westbound at Sunnyside (Toronto) in last stretch of its long journey running through from
North Bay to Mimico yard. TTC Roncesvalles Division car barns in right background. St.Joseph's hospital at far left.
October 1964 Bill Thomson

FP7A 1986 with TEE train equipment backing eastbound to Union Station in Toronto passing by site of Sunnyside station.
December 1986 Clayton Langstaff

T&NO 1000 with trailers 1001 and 1002. This motor train handled the Cochrane-Porquis service for many years. It was created in 1939 by rebuilding a 1924 Ottawa Car Brill model 206 73 foot, 77 seat 250 hp Westinghouse 52 ton car into an all-headend car with a 250hp Cummins. The lightweight short trailer cars were converted from battery-electric cars built by CC&F in 1924. Combine 1001 had 44 seats while coach 1002 had 52 seats.

1519 leads an RS-3 and another FP7A in the new "progressive" paint scheme on the
Polar Bear Express at Cochrane on a Sunday in July of 1966 Dave Hewitt

GP9 1602 (A1060 1/1957) leading SD40-2 1731 (A2845 3/1973) North Bay 7/01/1974 Sam Beck Collection

TEE train with original locomotive 1981. North Bay April 8, 1978 Wolf Kirchmeir

2102 SD75I 4300 HP leads SD40-2 1735 on freight. Ed Freeman/Jim Parker Collection

2102_1734 with train 214 southbound at Mile 71 Temagami Sub. Temagami, ON August 16, 2018



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