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Reporting marks ending with X for non-railway owned equipment.

Freight cars

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SBIX 1582 scroll down to S for Standard Brands to see a rare vinegar tank car.
Be sure to stop at R for Reinhart Vinegar for an excellent photo of their now preserved car.

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Alberta Government
grain cars ALNX assigned to CN ALPX assigned to CP

ALNX 396379 a long way from home! 8/03/2014 Minneapolis, MN Matt Petersen
Funded by the provincial government heritage fund.
Note tourism promotion "Take an Alberta Break
visit Municipal District of Big Horn."
Cars promote different cities, towns and M.D.'s.

Atlantic Sugar Refineries

GACX 43612 General American 70-ton Airslide covered hopper. Built 3/1958

Canada Steamship Lines
Cornwall, Ontario

Canada Steamship Lines No.5 box car used in captive service on Cornwall Street Ry.
CSL dock Cornwall January 1948

Canadian Car and Foundry

CC&F 201 likely a demonstrator car to show they could build all-steel box cars.
This represents a very early use of steel for construction of rolling stock.
June 1914

Canadian Doughnut
Trenton, Ontario

Map CNR (formerly CNoR) Trenton Yard
Last Trains From Lindsay by Keith Hansen.

Canadian Doughnut began in Toronto in 1935-36 and opened a large plant in Trenton in 1938 and another in Montreal 1948.

GACX 42594 General American Airslide 70-ton covered hopper 2600 cu.ft. built 3/1956



All-door box car especially designed for lumber loading.

Canpotex Ltd.

PTEX 38538 covered hopper for potash service.

Carling Breweries Ltd.

GPEX 723 tank car leased to Carling Breweries and equipped for use on passenger trains.
Purpose of central housing unknown nor any imnformation on where it was used.
Do you know anything about this car? If so, CONTACT US

Cominco Fertilizers

DOW (Canadian General Transit lessor)

Howard Smith Paper Mills

HSPM 19 an old double door box car likely once used for automobiles and marked D for destroyal by previous owner.
The next car bears initials HS also unofficial reporting marks for these intraplant box cars.
HS 21 appears to be a much older wooden box car.

Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario

K+S Potash Canada

HQ: Saskatoon
Mine: Bethune, SK opened May 2017
Export by Pacific Coast Terminal, Port Moody, BC

KSPX_5114 Regina 10/31/2017

First of 200 domestic service covered hopper cars from National Steel Car, Hamilton, ON delivered June 21, 2017
117 ton capacity, light weight 27 tons, length 47 feet.

Mobil Grain
Saskatchewan shortline operator.

MGLX 397033 former CP service Saskatchewan government car a long way from home.
12/17/2017 Madison, IL

Parrish & Heimbecker

PHLX 112 one of a large order of new covered hopper cars. Surrey, BC 6/21/2017

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

POTX 1527 covered hopper car in Bend, OR 12/06/2011 Aaron Heine

PCS Sales (USA), Inc. markets and distributes potash, nitrogen, and phosphate products of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. in the United States. The company was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Northbrook, Illinois. PCS Sales (USA), Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc.

Reinhart Vinegars Ltd.
Stayner, ON

RVLX 101 newer (4/1964) wood tank on old (9/1943) frame. 7,020 gallons. capy. 70,200 lbs. 48,500 light weight.
One and only. Al Howlett

Note: This car preserved by CRHA T&Y and now located at John Street Roundhouse Museum.

Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp.
(Government of Saskatchewan)

1000 cars built 1981 built by Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd in Trenton, NS and Thunder Bay, ON.

Note: 110 cars repainted 2007 in the green scheme with orange prairie lily.

NOTE: Fleet remaining disposed of in July 2017 as follows:

Big Sky Railcorp: 663 cars.
Great Western: ....150 cars.
Great Sandhill: . . . 85 cars.

$9.7 million/$10,800 each.

SKNX 397206 passing through Pefferlaw, ON August 13, 2007 Clayton Langstaff

SKNX 397000 series cars were for use at CN origins.

SKPX 625338 is a long way from home in Grass Lake, MN. 7/04/2014

SKPX 625461 covered hopper for grain a long way from home. Roseville, CA 12/04/2011 Frederick S. Goethel

SKPX 625000 series cars were for use at CP origins.

CP 625334 ex SKPX in Bellevue, Ohio, 9/7/2014 Michael Rujak


Spruce Falls Power & Paper

Kapuskasing, ON

TLCX 1068 one of a fleet of new leased 70 ton 50 foot 5120 cu.ft. cushion underframe box cars.

Standard Brands, Inc.

SBIX 1582 one of about two dozen wooden tank SUF 50-ton cars.



see below

Swift Canadian

Texas Gulf Sulphur
Kidd Creek Mine

The Steel Company of Canada

TSCX 460


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